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I have a bowel movement everytime I urinate.

Resolved Question:

I have a bowel movement every time I have to urinate. It's soft and light brown most of the time. It''s not a large BM but it is every time I go to the bathroom. I have gas all the time no matter what I eat, and I always have to have a BM after I eat. It''s just getting frustrating I just want to urinate with out having a BM. What does this mean?

Already Tried:
2 Urologists and have had 2 TURPs performed on me within 4 years.

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  luvtohelp7957 replied 8 years ago.

Welcome to JustAnswer

I am sorry for your discomfort.

The yellow stool can be the result of poor absorption of your foods. In this case the stool can be light, soft, and floaty, sometimes with bubbles from the undigested fat in the toilet. The timing of the BMs begin with each meal can actually be normal. now the stooling with every episode of urination might be the result of a combination fo things. The soft stool as I described above plus in addition to the normal physiology of your body....When you urinate, certain neurotransmittor are released that lead smooth muscles in your body to "squeeze". For this reason sometimes people get teary-eyed when using restroom. A similar thing happens to women with their cycles..they report increased soft stooling (because their womb is squeezing due to the the increased neurotransmitter acetycholine). So it could be the combination of soft stool and the body hormones that go along with urination causing your problem.. Similarly the same hormone/transimitter is released with digestion, hence the common/normal occurrence of BMs after eating.

i recommend a GI work up be done starting with examination of your stool that can be ordered by your primary doctor. This will investigate the malabsorbtion I mentioned. FYI malabsorbtion can result if you have had your gallbladder out.

I do hope i have helped.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for your reply...I think perhaps by copying the question from this site I was not clear.My Bowel movement is not yellow..(?) bubbles..not real "floaty"..I still have my gallbladder.I do not feel the need to have a bowel movement after every meal...but

I can not urinate without a bowel movement. I am retaining urination even after that.

I have had two (2) TURPs (roto rooter) in a short time. I was told this would clear the path so the urination would be able to flow. Both procedures were quite traumatizing...There is no blockage.

I am only 57 and have had two TURPS, which I was told is usually found in men of age 70 or so.

However I can not urinate without a bowel movement.

What is connected to this action?

I have had a GI work up. I have had a colonostipy. I have had several cystographs(?) where a camera was inserted into my penis and up into the bladder to see if anything is there..there is not.

My doctor has put me on Flowmax which seems to help, although I have been off it a week and that has made this worse. I started Flowmax again today.

My fear is that I may need a complete bladder reconstruction...I have been told to avoid this procedure as it is dangerous.

It has been suggested there may be a problem with the sphinkter muscle...?

Any help?

Expert:  luvtohelp7957 replied 8 years ago.

Oh my, you have been thru quite a bit. Still as you describe soft and light brown, i would had a stool sample taken and tested as you are at the age that other GI malabsorbtion problems tend to develop. also you can still have your gall bladder, but it may not be completely open (this can be painless).

The connection between urination (micturition) and stooling (defecation) is precisely as I described above. The same body chemical causes both, so when there is one, the other may want to happen also. ...Bladder squeezing can trigger bowel squeezing (and tearing up and low blood pressure, and a number of things). It's a body chemical/nervous system phenomenon. Can happen on its own or can be caused by an injury to your low back or pelvis (a patient of mine had a tree fall on her lower back and now has similar symptoms, plus peeing with laughter).

I do not think that you have a blockage, but you can have your doc monitor your PSA, a prostate marker, just to be safe. As this could certainly explain why you retain urine even after you finish.

I hope this clarifies things for you. Happy to help.

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