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I have extreme anal itching to the point the skin is red, raw

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I have extreme anal itching to the point the skin is red, raw and bleeding. In the middle of the night and in the mornings I have the sensation to itch until the pain/itching subsides. Itching is uncontrollable. It starts with a sensation that insects are crawling inside and biting around the anal area, followed by burning and disconfort. I have tried every home remedy, over the counter medicine for pin worms, fungus and/or hydrocortisone treatment for itching. I have tried homeopathic treatments such as aloe vera, tea tree oil and petroleum wax. The anal area looks normal. A thin yellow secretion is often observed on the cotton lining of my underwear if I scratch. The anal sphincter is normal. Bowl movements are sporadic due to the removal of my gall bladder (liquid to thick).

hi amelia,

welcome to justanswer and thanks for your question,

whats your age?

since when you have this problem?

do you suffer from frequent costipations?

bleeding related with passage of stool?

since how long you have this problem?

past history of hemorrhoids?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Problems started in Sept. 2008

No- I do not suffer from severe constipaption.

No- Bleeding is not observed in the stool. Bleeding occurs when itching the area around the anal sphincter.

No- Hemorrhoids.


Have tried topical treatments, pinworm medication, calymine lotion, backing soda, wiping with baby wipes, drying with blow drier to reduce moisture, fungal treatments, hydrocortisone, dermaplast, preparation H, vasoline, benedryl, antihistimines, antacids.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Age - 41

have you consulted doctor regarding this problem?

any tests done(stool test for parasites)


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I have consulted a doctor twice. One treatment was for pin worms. The second treatment was for fungal issues. I have another appointment tomorrow.

No - I have not had my stool tested for parasites.

are you taking any antibiotic medication for some other illness ?

frequent laxative usage?

history of yeast infections ?

scented or color toilet paper usage?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No antibiotic meds.

No laxative use.

No history of yeist infections.

No color or scented toilet paper.

let me explain like this for you Amelia.

Anal itching also called as pruritus ani,and it has many causes,

First of all let me list all the causes so that you should know what possible reasons can be.

Dry skin(excessive washing with soap or age related)


Chemical irritants ie soaps,colognes,douches,colored or scented toilet paper etc


Hot sausy foods or foods with some chemicals.


Medications ie some antibiotics can cause such problems


Overusage of laxative medications


Infections ie STD sexually transmitted diseases or parasitic causes ie pimworms


Yeast infection may also cause itching


Frequent constipations or forced bowel passing may result in minor abrasions or tears that can result in anal itching


Anal tumors,


As a rule treating underlying cause is the baseline treatment in relieveing from symptoms of anal itching, proper clinical examination by your doctor or proctologist is necessary,


My advice to you!


Bleeding in your case may be due to abrasions,so a proper clinical examination by your doctor is must.


Use of any OTC medication is not recomended for anal itching unless directed by the doctor ,creams or ointments can worsen the situation and help in progression of itching,irritation thus contributing to the present problem (i suggest you to stop using OTC products)


Avoid touching or scraching the affected area this will not help but can produce small abrasions and thus inflamation.


Stool test for parasites is must in your case.(i hope tomorrow doctor will suggest that)


Since you are having this problem from sept 2008, and its bleeding sometimes, in addition to baseline therapy(ie directed towards the main cause) a symptomatic therapy is required ,that may include anti-inflamatory agents ,and if suspected yeast infection then antimycotic therapy will be required on prescription of your treating doctor.


I give you a link by specialist of Mayoclinic with recomended treatment options and prevention methods and home remedies for your problem.PLEASE READ THROUGH.



i hope this information will be useful




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