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I wake up extremely thirsty in the morning and I am tired.

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I wake up extremely thirsty in the morning and I am tired. That happened when I was pregnant, but I am not pregnant, what else could cause this?
Possibly diabetes. Any other symptoms at all?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thought about that one, but my glucose has always been low, I exercise and try to eat right. I get indigestion and have hypothyroidism for which I take medication. My breath isn't fruity at all. I do tend to get bitten by fleas a lot if there are any diseases associated with them that cause thirst.

People with a history of low blood sugar tend to develop diabetes later. You could still have diabetes, so you might want to get this checked out.

Any new medications lately? Even over the counter? Are you stuffy and/or sleeping with your mouth open? Do you snore?

Also, your thyroid levels should be checked to make sure that's not the cause of your recent fatigue.

Also, acid reflux can cause you to feel thirsty in the mornings if you're refluxing while you're sleeping. You can get some OTC Prilosec and elevate the head of your bed with a brick under each side of the headboard. Don't eat close to your bedtime.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I take vitamins and just started taking garlic. Other than that, I'm not stuffy. I do snore, but that has been ongoing, the really thirsty thing has just started. I'm getting my thyroid checked in a week so I can get the glucose checked at the same time, but wouldn't there be other symptoms?

I would cut out the Garlic, that may be the cause.

Diabetes is often picked up on regular "physicals", and often are asymptomatic.

I was also considering sleep apnea, allergies, and dry air (heat). A humidifier may help too.

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