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what happens if you drink mold. I was served some in ice tea

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i had this 4 days ago felt tried and drained at the end of the day for the last couple of days and had and eye infection. I think that was from wearing my contacts to long. could this hurt me.. the mold I mean

What do you mean you were served mold in your tea?

How do you know that?

and why is this related to your eyes?


Are your eyes red? any drainage or pain?

Please try to clarify your question

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i didn't know it had mold. My husband just poured me a glass from the arizonia ice tea on the counter. then thursday i realized it had mold in it. he didn't notice when he poured it. my eyes have all of the above. I went to the doctor for it. have drops but i didn't know about the mold at the time. i am not sure if the mold has anything to do with it. I have been tired and just drained at the end of the day. but i don't know if the mold could cause that. it may not have caused any thing I don't know. could it have caused me to have been sick. I really was not feeling well and i can't explain it just totally wiped out by the end of the day

So how do you know it had mold afterwords, if you didn't know it did before? this honestly seems quite unlikely that you had a significant of mold that you drank.


As for your eyes- it does sound like you may indeed have an infection - but without examining you it is hard for me to know if this is a conjunctivitis, or more within the eyes like a keratitis- which certainly can be from contacts. Keratitis is very serious and can be sight threatening if not treated properly by an ophthalmologist.

Either way, your eyes are almost certainly not at all related to your belief you swallowed a mold...

As well, I suspect your fatigue is a separate nonspecific issue.


Good luck.


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