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Left lower back pain, I have pain going down my left leg,

Resolved Question:

left lower back pain, I have pain going down my left leg, I've had 3 epideral injections, 1 set of facet injections, physical therapy seem to make it worst, 2 mri's, my doctor yesterday said there's nothing else he can do, this is a specialist doctor, also on thursday i went back to my chiropractor, he said i was out of adjustment, so he adjusted me, it felt ok, then the next day I went to get a deep theripal tissue message, as soon as laid on my stomach, if felt a twang in my left lower back, about the middle of my left butt check at the top, now it seems like its ready to do that real intense pain that stated this whole thing about 10 months ago, all my mri's and exrays say there's nothing wrong with my back, except 2 minor disk bulges, but the doctor said it was fine, in fact 3 specialist said it was fine, so now i'm lost on what to do, it is worst when i sit down, it goes right down my leg, that pain i can deal with, but the pain in my left lower back area i cant, please help, Mike
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. P. Jyoti replied 8 years ago.
Since the specialist doctors said that you have only minor disc bulges, you do not have to worry. Sometimes these symptoms can be caused by disc bulges which then need surgery, but this is not so in your case.

Although you have written that physical therapy seems to make it worse, this is in fact the one way which will get rid of your pain. This is something that you can do yourself to help yourself. If you do the PT correctly, you will not need any doctors, chiropracters, etc.

The measures that you should take are:

Avoid stressing the back - avoid anything like lifting heavy objects, standing for long periods, bending forwards.

Warm compresses- warm compresses are often helpful. You can also go for deep warmth with ultrasound and lasers which can be given at physiotherapist clinics.

Tab. Motrin 400 mg - take one tab. twice daily.

Physiotherapy: do gentle exercises for the back - start gently as long as the pain is there, but once you recover you must continue doing these exercises so that they do not recur. I would advise you to start doing these exercises straight away, the only precaution being that you should start very gently and then increase the quantum of exercise.

You can look up these sites for more info:

Please look up this site for some exercises which you should do, but start very gently at first:

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