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My left ear gets red and other this a

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My left ear gets red and other this a blood pressure issue?


No, this is not caused by high (or low) blood pressure. It is a flushing reaction where the arteries to the ear and the capillary beds open up wide. It is a similar mechanism to a blush. It is odd that just your left ear would be affected. Might this occur after talking on the phone for a while? Just speculating>>> most people being right handed >>> if you were multi-tasking and holding the phone to the ear for a while using the left hand while the right was busy. Another possibility is might you lie on this side say while watching TV? Like I said I'm not sure what the stimulus is for the altered blood flow but it is a harmless phenomenon.

I hope this info helps. Follow up questions are welcome if you have any.

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Anthony Bray MD

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't lay on it nor do I have anything up against it before or after it happens...that's why it's puzzling...I don't do anything that would logically cause this reaction and it only happens to my left ear...

Hi again!

Well, I can explain the basic physiology of what is going on but I'm stumped as well as to the why just the left ear!!

Facial flushing in general can be associated with hot drinks, hot spicy foods, alcoholic drinks, niacin, certain meds.I don't know if one of these might be a factor.

It may be some neurologically triggered event such as a facial blush is an example.

I doubt that I can explain exactly why this happens to you in the left ear as it does. Continue to watch for clues to tie certain possible factors to the timing as to when it happens.

Good Luck,

Anthony Bray MD

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'll pay more attention to what's happening or what I have done and see if there are any connections. I will also pay attention to what you suggested for facial flushing even though they don't apply now...thank you for all your input...MF

You're welcome,

Good luck figuring out the exact mystery.

Take Care,

Anthony Bray MD