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Love_Care, Doctor
Category: Medical
Satisfied Customers: 75
Experience:  M.B.B.S,D.N.B(D.V.D)
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I have numbness in the right side of the groin ..

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
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replied 8 years ago.
dear kinship,
whats your age and sex?
since how long do u have the numbness? how did it start? did u feel the numbness while doing some activity or was it rest?
is it associated with any pain or tingling?
any swelling, redness in the area?
any history of trauma, diabetes mellitus?
where does the numbness go from the groin? involves the neighbouring areas?
do u have the similar sensation elsewhere on the body?
Customer reply replied 8 years ago.
male, 60 , about a week since I first noticed it no pain or tingling .. found numbness during shower, the numbness is just on the right side not including genitals .. an part way over to the right leg.. an area of about 6-8 ' in trauma , and no on the mellitus..
Love_Care, Doctor replied 8 years ago.
how did you detect the numbness?
can you feel a pin prick in that area?
Customer reply replied 8 years ago.
i can feel nothing .. i tried with a pin all over till i could feel it .. the area is 6-8 inches oval shaped area with longest part being straight up to the waist ..i found it while while showering ..
Love_Care, Doctor replied 8 years ago.

have you lost hair in that area?
is the area white in color or with decreased pigmentation?
is the texture of the skin in the area changed? as compared to the normal surrounding skin?
Customer reply replied 8 years ago.
no on all 3 .... just the numbness ..I press an can't feel anything underneath like a lump etc. there is just no feeling ..
Love_Care, Doctor replied 8 years ago.

I am sure you are very worried about this patch of no sensation on your body. There are number of causes to it.
I would suggest that you should go your physician who will do complete physical examination for a diagnostic evaluation.

I would recommend you to take a very serious view of this loss of sensation and show your self to the doctor on an urgent basis. damage to the nerve from some cause like an infection , metabolic disease , mononeuritis is quite a possibilty. Doing a skin biopsy from the site will also help to rule out if there is a local patch of morphea causing this anesthesia.

Please do see your doctor and discuss the above mentioned conditions.

Do press accept if you agree with the answer . A feed back would be appreciated. thanks and take care.
Customer reply replied 8 years ago.
thank you for all our help and advice .. have a great day ... {:0)