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Does anyone know how long does heroin stay in the blood system

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Does anyone know how long does heroin stay in the blood system? I read on one of the internet sites that in only stays for six houres. Can this be right?
How long have you been using it and how frequent? Any health issues?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well he's a long time every day user and has been recently stopping off and on for a week at a time then he'll use a couple of days and stops again for a week. He has been clean this last time for six days now and he will give a blood test on Monday and needs to be clean for the bood test. He also has cirosis and needs a liver transplant.
It seems like he has been using it for quite a while at a constant pace. Usually in this kind of user, drugs remain in their system relatively longer than occasional user. As far as heroin is concern it can remain in the system and can be detected 3-7 day after last use. I think by Monday, most likely he will be clean.
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