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My right leg and foot get extremely cold, to the extent that

Resolved Question:

My right leg and foot get extremely cold, to the extent that I have difficulty walking. I assume this is a circulation problem, and I am wondering what, if anything, can be done about it. I am 78 years old and otherwise in good health.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Singh replied 8 years ago.


welcome to justanswer and thanks for your question,

let me explain like this for you:Cold sensations ,leg discomfort can be result of diseases like diabetes(peripheral neuropathy),vitamin/mineral deficiencies,other neurological disorders,vascular diseases like atherosclerosis of the major blood arteries however

some physiological reasons may also result in these symptoms like sitting for a long time in one position(as a result compressions of major blood vessels occur )

My Advice to you!

i suggest you to have a Doppler songraphy of perepheral vessels(there may be narrowing of arteries due to atherosclerotic plaque)

Evaluate your blood glucose levels.

A vitamin therapy like OTC B-complex tabs(if you are not allergic to vitamins) will be dietary deficiencies of major elements and minerals play an important role in these symptoms ...

avoid stress conditions,as they constrict vessels resulting in numbness/tingling sensations.

Avoid smoking/excessive intake alcohol/carbonated beverages/coffee as they affect circulation.

i advice you to visit your doctor and have the above diagnostic tests done.

I hope this information is useful,


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