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Dr.Saurabh Joshi
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I have a raised rash on the inside of my forearm. It is REALLY

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I have a raised rash on the inside of my forearm. It is REALLY itchy, but not just on the rash... all over my forearm. I thought it was ringworm so I treated it with over the counter anti-fungal cream twice a day for a week. The rash spot has gotten bigger, not smaller. It is now a quarter sized raised red area with small bumps all over it. The rash started at two little dots about a week and a half ago.

Have you been outdoors ?

Do you have any allergies ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't have any allergies. I have not been outside becuase it has been cold. We did get a pair of guinea pigs for christmas. I started Leviquin about the same time as the rash appeared, but I don't think it is a drug allergy becuase it is localized.

This is more likely to be an allergic rash which is spreading because of a delayed hypersensitivity reaction.

Please try taking an Allegra, that will reduce the itching and the rash.

This does not seem infective as the antibiotic cream does not seem to have an effect on it.

If this does not help then please see a Dermatologist for an evaluation and possibly topical Steroid ointments.

Kindest Regards,

Dr. Joshi
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I did not use an antibotic crea. i used an anti-fungal cream becuase I thought it might be ringworm. I don't have any allegra, can i take zyrtec? I also have some steroidal cream here at home. Should I try that? i also have pictures if you think that it will help you.

Zyrtec will be fine.

This is not a fungal infection that is why the cream is not having effect.

Please try the Zyrtec first and if that does not help then see a Dermatologist.

Use the steroid cream only under a doctor's care, as if this is any other type of infection then it can flare up with steroids.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Joshi
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My mother seems to think it might be some sort of mites from the gueina pigs. Is this possible? I don't want my children to get anything from the pigs or me. i also work with 8 year old children in a classroom. Is what I have contagious? Do i need to cover it with a bandage while in the classroom?
You need to avoid direct skin contact. Avoid sharing bed linen and towels also wash your clothes separately from others. This will prevent transmission of mites if you indeed have them.

Please have this examined by a doctor in view of a possible mite infection.


Dr. Joshi
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