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Anthony Bray, MD
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I am having a constant dull ache between my shoulder blades

Customer Question

I am having a constant dull ache between my shoulder blades and up into my neck. I feel like there is a big know in my throat. If I put my chin to my chest I have a pull - stretch sensation and it is painful.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 8 years ago.


How long has this been going on? Any injury that you are aware of? For the most part it sounds like an upper back injury. Does it hurt to rotate your upper body side to side? Or does it hurt to turn your head side to side? Do you associate anything with this starting?

Let me know these details and I'll get back with you>

Anthony Bray MD

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It's been going on for a couple of days, no injury, does not hurt to turn side to side or move in anyway. It is just dull ache, constant, no confortable position to be in (standing, sitting or lying down). I also feel like I have to take a deep breath from time to time. I can't think of anything associated with the start of this. I am daycare provider and I have two infants I care for (but have had that since the beggining of the year, nothing different)
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 8 years ago.

Hi again!

Sorry for the delay, I was offline for a while. The fact that it hurts when you bend your head down sounds like it may be an injury to the ligament that runs down the spinous processes in the neck and continues down the back. This structure would feel stretched and would hurt if injured.This structure would commonly be injured in a sudden stop such as in a car where your head were thrown forward. If you had this type of injury then it might not hurt until the next day. If it were this then you would likely benefit from an anti-inflammatory med such as Aleve 2 tabs twice a day with food or milk.

The feeling that you have to take a deep breath from time to time sounds like an anxiety type description and I believe that this is unrelated to the pain that you feel.

You mentioned that it felt as though you had a knot in your throat? Do you mean that you feel you have to clear your throat? Do you have a sore throat? Are you hoarse? Do you have a cough? Do you other wise feel as though you might be coming down with something? Any noticeable swollen lymph nodes? Do you have an asociated headache? Do you feel as though you have a fever? Final question is does it hurt to take a deep breath?

I'll be online late tonight and off and on tomorrow to follow up with you.

Anthony Bray MD

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No to all the above questions, it feels something like nausea. A knot between the collar bone when I swallow but no sore throat. My husband said I look pale... I don't feel like I am coming down with something.

Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 8 years ago.

Hi again!

OK, this changes the picture. It sounds from this that you may have a problem with your esophagus. If it hurts or feels like food sticks then this could be a stricture. If it hurts with just liquids then this could be a raw area that spasms. Another possibility would be that a diverticula(this would be a weak area of the esophagus that had formed a false pocket) has formed. It sounds from connecting this with your previous descriptions that you are having referred pain to the area between the shoulder blades.Another disturbing possibility that your symptoms could be consistent with would be a vascular aneurism. How old are you? Do you have any medical conditions?

I think you need to have this checked out with a upper chest CT and reasonably soon depending on how severe your symptoms are.

The paleness may be connected with you feeling nausea . Nausea will cause the vagal nerve to lower your blood pressure.

Follow up questions and further details are welcome.

Anthony Bray MD

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.


I will have it looked at... Have a good weekend

Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 8 years ago.

Hi again!

I wish you the best.

Take care, Anthony Bray MD