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How do i tell if my finger is broken

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how do i tell if my finger is broken
1. Can you move the finger in all directions normally?

2. When looking at the finger, is it deformed in any way?

3. Do you have intense pain upon pressing on the area of injury?

and how did you injure your finger?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Injured playing basketball. It hurts to bend or straightend it - normally it has full range.

It is a little purple and swollen at the first joint from the knuckle. Otherwise looks ok. The first and second joints both hurt if pressed. I think it is just sprained, and would rather wait and see, but don't want to be stupid if I should get it looked at now.

It does sound as if you most likely "sprained" the finger, rather than fractured it, as it is much more common injury to occur.

Generally the best thing to do, as you probably already know, is resting the finger, icing it to help reduce swelling, and using pain medication.

Should the pain be out of proportion to the degree of injury (you feel that the pain is much worse than a sprain), having it examined and hand xrays would be beneficial. Also if you feel your movement of the finger is not normal (besides from the pain and swelling), having it seen is helpful. Often times the only way to really tell about finger fractures are with x-rays. Obviously the inability to move the finger, or deformity in the finger would be clear reasons to have it xrayed today.
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