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I am trying to avoid an expert for Ford and Chevy, because I

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I am trying to avoid an expert for Ford and Chevy, because I need an unbiased opinion. If someone offered to give you a free 2017 Chev Equinox, or Ford Edge with same accessories/similar model, which one would you select? And why?

Good morning,

Would someone with a fleet full of fords and chevys work? In addition to be a mechanic for 20 years now, I currently have to keep a fleet of 1200 vehicles running and can give you an idea of which seem to last longer, run better, hold up to abuse, etc...

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
that would be fine, but if you can shed light on the original question, I would appreciate it.

The engine and transmission design on the edge and equinox are very similar, as a matter of fact Ford and GM got together on the design of the transmission, so as far as the drivetrain goes they are pretty much even matched.

From what we've seen the equinox seems to get slightly better mileage, but not enough to say it wins in that department.

The interior parts on the edge don't seem to hold up as well to as the equinox. The plastic parts seem to get brittle and crack more easily (our drivers are hard on our cars). We have seen cracked door handles, broken seatbelt latch housings, broken A-pillar moldings, etc.

The GM bluetooth system seems to be less trouble free than the ford system as well. We have had a number of the fords in for re-programming because the system won't work correctly. The GM system seems to have the bugs hammered out already.

Maintenance needs are about the same as well. The equinox requires a slightly more expensive oil type when changing the oil (GM DEXOS approved oil), but it's becoming more easily available and there fore less expensive.

Neither of them require regular replacement of transmission fluid, differential fluid, coolant, etc. They use long-life fluids in everything.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thanks. I cannot rate the Stars at this time. Need to.

Please let me know if you need additional info.

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