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My turbo failed at 75,000 miles in my 2010 CX-7. The local

Customer Question

My turbo failed at 75,000 miles in my 2010 CX-7. The local Mazda dealer/service shop replaced the turbo for $3,000. They never determined why the turbo failed initially and did not change my oil, oil filter or air filter on the vehicle when they did the repair. I cannot find "ONE" mechanic on the face of this earth that would not have replaced the oil, oil filter and air filter. Why didf my Mazda Service shop not dod the same?
JA: When was the last time the filter was replaced? How has your mileage been lately?
Customer: That's not my point. I want to know if it OK to replace a blown turbo, without changing the oil, oil filter and air filter?
JA: Are you fixing your CX-7 yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: No...the Mazda shop had my car for one week and I paid them $3,000.
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: No thanks
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  Kevin replied 7 months ago.

Hi im kevin turbos fail normally for one of two reasons .fereign debris engering turbo and damaging turbine or overheating and failure of turbine bearing .this is normally an oil lubrication issue .it is always recommended that oil is changed apon turbo replacement .i would be more concerned that no cause for failure was found .

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Please note...My wife was driving the car when it broke down. She was 6 hours away from home. She stayed an extra night and had it towed to the local Mazda dealer the next morning. They provided a car and she left our car and she drove home 6 hours away and returned the next week to pick up our repaired car. Our options were limited vs. if we broke down in our home state. I am concerned that a diagnosis wasn't performed or if it was, nothing was said or documented about it. I have a 3 page invoice I would be glad to share with you. Please follow me here...this is where it gets tricky and I'll try to be as clear as possible. 12K miles after the work was performed, compression built up in my motor and shot the dip stick out. Most of the engine oil was expelled into the engine compartment of my vehicle and the motor died. My concern is I found info on the internet that said Mazda had a problem with the design of the PCV valve on the CX-7, which causes premature engine sludge build up. (I am not a mechanic and cannot diagnose my problem). I believe the clogged PCV valve caused oil starvation to the turbo and that is what caused the original failure. Since nothing was done to correct the problem, it happened again. I'm asking the dealer to share equal responsibility for my $15K loss. The Mazda Service shop said they did nothing wrong and everything is my fault. They said all they are responsible for is to top off the (Contaminated) oil. WHAT??? I spoke with the leading turbocharger manufacturer in the USA and they told me..."Not replacing the oil, oil filter and air filter after having a turbo blow at 75K miles, is the same as changing a baby's diaper after they Poop and not wiping the baby's behind". The turbo is interconnected with the engine and the engine oil. I'm not looking to be made whole here, just to be met in the middle financially for the total loss of my vehicle. The dealer has 17 car dealerships in the state they are located in. I spoke with the service assistant, service manager, Mazda GM and Auto groups COO. The COO told me that "We will just have to agree to disagree". "if not but for" the dealer NOT diagnosing the problem and providing me with options to consider before having a $3,000 service (Turbo replacement) completed on my CX-7, this would not have happened. They may have told me that my engine needed to be replaced. If they did, I'd have to consider my options. If that was the situation, the dealer or Mazda would be out of the woods, because I didn't meet the EXACT oil service intervals suggested by Mazda and that would have been my fault...not theirs. I Get That! Not only was my vehicle due for an oil change and service, but we requested they change the oil. My son in law is a drag racer and engine builder and he called the dealer and instructed them to change the oil due too possible oil contamination. The dealer still did not service my car as instructed. Regardless what I did or didn't do before the turbo failure is irrelevant in my opinion. The Mazda dealer should have told me what condition my vehicle was in and why my turbo failed...or told me they could not find why my turbo failed. At this point I had a car that runs, but needed a new turbo. Without knowing why the turbo failed the first time, it was destine to happen again and again and again. I sent the dealer a document from THIS web site that specifically outlines the procedure for replacing a defective turbo. It said to 1. Diagnose the problem 2. Decide on the appropriate action to correct the problem 3. Change the oil 4. Change the oil filter 5. Change the air filter and so on...there were 20 steps inb the process to follow. When I sent this document to the Mazda dealer, they said..."Oh, this is for a turbo diesel. We always do this for a turbo diesel, but not for a gasoline engine with a turbo". I'm not a mechanic, but IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE THAT A DIESEL ENGINE WOULD GET THE OIL CHANGE ETC. AND THE GASELINE ENGINE WOULD NOT???
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
It doesn't seem reasonable that replacing a turbo on a diesel would require a different process when replacing the oil etc. on a gasoline engine. :-0 I pulled a document from the Mazda forums that was titled..."THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE MAZDA CX-7 TURBOCHARGER". Guess what? It outlines that the oil and oil filter and air filter be replaced every time a turbo is replaced. When Mazda checks to see what their internal process is...NOTHING about changing the contaminated oil. They say they are instructed to top off the oil. Sure...after replacing the contaminated oil...and you're finished servicing the vehicle...TOP OFF the FLUIDS. The dealer took that to mean (I'm guessing) top off the bad oil. I cannot find a single Mazda Service shop or mechanic of any brand vehicle that doesn't replace the old oil when replacing a turbo. VW has a TSB that requires flushing the oil 3 times. I looked and cannot find a single TSB that references this issue or the faulty design of the PCV valve on the CX-7...which they stopped making. This has been a nightmare for me and my family. I know that the Mazda dealer didn't diagnose the problem or follow the WORLD'S recommendation for changing a defective turbo. If I take them to court...I DON'T HAVE A MAZDA TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) that instructs the mechanic to change the oil, oil filter and air filter when replacing a defective turbo. HOW CAN THAT BE...when everyone knows you have to change the oil when replacing a turbo. You have to wipe the baby's behind!!! Without the smoking gun, the dealer can tell me to pound sand and continue to not return my calls and laugh in my face. Sure small claims court has a lesser burden of proof that a civil trial does...(Small claims) Beyond the preponderance of the evidence vs. beyond a reasonable doubt (Murder case). My concern, if I go to court with hundreds of YouTube videos regarding turbo replacement, hundreds of Google searches saying and supporting the same, unless I can find a TSB from Mazda or a Mazda Mechanic Procedure Manual that explicitly states...Change the oil...I'm screwed and that's not right. I just want the Mazda dealer to be held accountable for what they didn't do.I'll pay for half, but paying 100% of my loss for their negligence, isn't going to happen.
The Bot***** *****ne...Regardless what I did or didn't do before taking my car with a blown turbo to that Mazda dealer doesn't matter, because I'm not looking for warranty coverage. I'm paying the price for not following the exact Mazda service intervals. I need the smoking gun that specifies that the Mazda dealer did not follow the prescribed procedures for replacing a defective turbo. If EVERY mechanic knows to replace the contaminated oil...why didn't this Mazda dealer. I'm I that unlucky that I went to the only service shop in America that wouldn't wipe the baby's bottom before putting on a clean diaper????
Please HELP!
Expert:  Kevin replied 7 months ago.

Ok i fully agree with you a pcv issue could have caused all your issues.but regardless of this proper and full diagnosis should have been carried out to assertain the intial cause of turno failure ,even if caused but infrequent servicing the future risks should have been explained.that said there are no turbo related tsb on this vehicle so i would recommend going at it from a different angle lets find out what brand the turbo is and contact the manufacturer of the turbo and get in writing that they recommend oil is changed before replacement .

Expert:  Kevin replied 7 months ago.

Can i have vin number and il try to find original manufacturer for you

Expert:  Kevin replied 7 months ago.

Im assuming its a garrett turbo as most are nowadays

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Expert:  Kevin replied 7 months ago.

Right im dtruggling to find a brand on your turbo which suggests they are mabye cheap inports .all i can recommend it getting a statement from a company like garrett who only deal with turbos with their recommendations on fitment steps

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I have many documents from multiple sources that specify changing the oil, oil filter, etc.. I could not find one document that recommends only topping off the contaminated oil. Mazda threatened that unless I can produce something in writing from Mazda, documenting the recommended procedure for replacing a defective turbo, there is nothing that will stand up in court and nothing I can do about it. The diesel document supports diesel only and not gasoline engines.It's insane that the entire automotive service community does those things, except for the Mazda dealer that serviced my vehicle. It's equally insane that Mazda doesn't recommend changing the oil, etc.I did believe Mazda serviced my vehicle completely. An oil change was not listed on my 3 page invoice. My wife picked up the car the following week. She didn't ask and they didn't tell. We thought the oil change was part of the service. My wife drove 500 Miles back home and she drives 165 miles round trip 5 days a week to work. She drives 800-1,000 interstate miles each week. I requested synthetic oil and thought I had fresh synthetic oil in the CX-7 after Mazda serviced the car. I had been checking the oil level and the oil appeared clear. I added 1/2 quart over 3 months. 12,300 miles went by when the car died. 300 Miles out of warranty on the turbo. I didn't believe 12k interstate miles over 3 months using synthetic oil could possibly damage my engine.The Mazda dealer is trying to tell me they did nothing wrong by not changing the fluids or diagnosing why my turbo failed initially. The problem is that I didn't change the oil after 7500 miles or every 6 weeks.I know that wasn't why my car died, but how do I keep some judge from letting them off the hook, not recognizing my situation was unique, plus the synthetic oil was warranted up to 15k Miles from the oil manufacturer...if they had changed my oil when they should have.I cannot believe I'm being treated this way by the Mazda Dealer and Mazda corporate for not getting involved. The dealer won't return my calls and the Mazda Regional Service Manager over the dealer and Mazda dealers where I live...will not talk to me and made it clear he doesn't interface with customers. Mazda Service told me I haven't followed their recommended service intervals and they can do nothing for me. OMG!I just want the dealer to offer anything!!!
Expert:  Kevin replied 7 months ago.

Let me opt out see if another tech can assist further