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mike switzer
mike switzer,
Category: Mazda
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Experience:  lead diagnostic tech at Aamco
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Got a 06 speed 6 at work that im gonna inherit tomorrow.

Customer Question

got a 06 speed 6 at work that im gonna inherit tomorrow. came in misfire on 1 and 4, the tech put plugs and coils on it. delivered to cust. returned within an hour with cel. now its throwing a lean code, tech tries throttle tuning it for 10 minutes then says it needs an afr sensor. 2 days later it arrives, he then proceeds to break the old one off and for the next day and a half he works on it, pulls the manifold , extracts the rest of the sensor and reassembles it. fires it up and to his dismay it runs the same if not worse. says it lacks power, exhaust note very sputtery, hesitates around 3 grand. i step in to help him do some proper diag and find a tsb for the lean code and the symptoms, the fix is flash ecu. we dont have the equipment so we have p tune flash it. it comes back, now the idle stability is poor, no power, hesitates, but on the plus side the lean dtc hasnt returned. i do more research on identifix, find a lot of good info, lots of things to test out to narrow the search, print it out for the tech, he does some scattered testing not at all following the instructions i gave him. finally, i ask him what he found with the testing, cant get a straight answer from him, he tells the manager he cant fix it, doesnt know what to do. im the ASE master tech there, solid record of fixing the really hard ones with out just firing parts hoping i'll get lucky. and no come backs, it dont leave until im satisfied its fixed right - its a pride thing that i take personally. so just doing some research on this thing looking for good data readings, more info on the system, components and their operation. not at all familar with the speed 6. i own an 06 mazda 6 which ive repaired the engine in and have excellent indepth knowledge of to diag and repair anything with it, but havent had any experience with the mzr turbo motor. so, got any ideas, where and what to test with known good data readings.
JA: Is the power loss consistent, or does it fluctuate?
Customer: the other tech is asian, very difficult to understand and doesnt comunicate very clearly or consistently what hes experincing
JA: What is the model of your '06 Mazda?
Customer: mines just a 4 cyl, a 6 sport i believe
JA: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: already did, timing chain jumped, bent all the valves, had evidence of oil control issues so rerung it and found number 1 rod bearing ready to spin, had the rod checked, rebearinged it, new rings , valves , seals, chain and gears, tensioner, oil pump, berry honed the cylinders, been driving it for over a year, got 15000 really hard miles on it, love driving it, drive it like i stole it
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: i thing i got all the info in there, i havent actually worked on the vehicle yet just kinda tryin to help the other tech out, diag isnt in his skill set. so any info is much appreciated
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  mike switzer replied 6 months ago.

after reading all that im a bit confused on what exactly you are looking for?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
well, was wondering if youve seen anything with the speed6 disi turbo motors that seems to be a common issue. i have already done all my testing and found numerous issues that the other tech missed or created by working on it. started by checking data on scan tool, at 0 degrees the fuel pressure was 61 psi, vehicle would not start, fuel pressure should have been around 1600 psi, replaced high pressure fuel pump, pressures are normal. smoke test intake, found large vacuum leak at blow off valve, removed and found tech had cut the o ring, also small leak at turbo inlet, repaired both leaks. pulled spark plugs, found 3 ngk gapped at .030, 1 autolite plug gapped at ,050, all badly fouled, installed 4 new ngk's gapped at .030. r & r'ed throttle body and cleaned as per mazda procedure. performed decarbon procedure as per mazda's tsb - 4000 rpm for 2 min, 1 min idle, 2 min 4000 rpm, performed twice, also performed terra clean injection cleaning and seafoam intake cleaning, vehicle runs almost perfect now, very slight chuggle on tip in cold, a little hard starting cold, but not terrible. other than all the other problems that i fixed it appears carbon build up on valves and injector tips was the cause of driveability issues - also fuel trims are coming down from +16 to around 12, if i can get it under 10 i'll be happy. thanks anyway, but it looks like i got it handled - it is just nuts and bolts.