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Haynow. Thanx for being here: Mazda B2300; has been good

Customer Question

Haynow. Thanx for being here: Mazda B2300; has been good li'l truck. Few problems. Now, blinkers won't work at all. Checked fuses, relays, bulbs, & everything can think of; including brake lights work, tail lights work, front parking lites work, hazard flashers work. Blinkers won't.
JA: Have you checked the bulbs? Have you checked the connection?
Customer: Yes. What 'connection'? Where?
JA: What year is your B2300?
Customer: '94
JA: Are you fixing your B2300 yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: Yes. Checked fuses, relays, bulbs, obvious connections, other lights, ...
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: No, I think it's something simple but dunno what.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 1 year ago.

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

There are several possible causes for the turn signals not working including bulbs, the flasher, wiring, and the switch itself. If fuses are good then it's going to take some electrical testing to determine exactly what is going on.

Were all turn signals lost at exactly the same time?

Do the indicators on the instrument cluster flash when the switch is on?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Thanx response; in spite of it taking ~3 days. Yes, all turn signals lost at same time. No, the blinker indicators on the dash don't work for blinkers BUT do work for hazard flasher. Yes, checked & re-checked ALL fuses, bulbs, & both flashers; one for the hazard & the other flasher for the blinkers; both ON the interior fuse panel. The hazard flasher DOES flash a bulb that I connect BUT the other flasher, which is the blinker flasher, I think, does NOT flash BUT does continuously light a bulb I connect; so it's either NOT the correct flasher OR it's NOT the problem. I've also checked two relays on the fuse panel by removing them & connecting them to a light bulb. They're OK. Checked for wiring defects; can't find any.
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Latest check caused other minor problems: Removed ALL fuses, 2 relays, & 2 flashers AGAIN to check their continuity again. All continuous. Replaced all BUT NOW my temperature gauge, voltage indicator, & tachometer don't work. Tried re-seating all fuses, relays, & flashers; no help.
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 12 months ago.
I assume there is no click from the flasher whatsoever?
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
If I remember correctly, the hazard flasher element DOES click when it flashes the trial bulb I try it with. And it DOES click when it's working in the car. It's working OK. It flashes the same bulbs that DON'T blink as turn indicators. Those bulbs have TWO filaments. So, the hazard lite filaments are separetly circuited from the blinker filaments.THAT'S what I need help with fixing: the blinker light filament circuits. Those blinker fliaments are OK.
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
AGAIN: the blinkers lite filaments circuit is what I need help with fixing; NOT the hazard light filament circuit, which works fine on the SAME bulb/different filament.. But NOW, in trying to verify that those fuses are OK & 2 fuse panel relays are OK, I got another problem with the voltage indicator, temperature indicator, & tachometer NOT working anymore.Please HELP!
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Monday, Oct. 24: So far, I'm NOT satisfied. U haven't even given me ONE tip about why my blinkers are NOT working. I've checked ALL fuses, instrument panel relays, both flashers--the hazard flasher fine & the other one, the blinker flasher?, IS continuous so it is NOT the blinker problem as the blinkers do NOT light at all. IF that flasher either did not flash or light my test bulb, it WOULD be a problem. But the test bulb lights when I use it with the 2nd instrument panel flasher which is probably the blinker flasher. If it's NOT the blinker flasher, where is the blinker flasher?
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 12 months ago.

I'm a full time tech and unable to respond immediately during the day. If you cannot allow time to respond I can open the question for others and see if another expert is willing to help.

It's not possible to tell you exactly what is causing a problem remotely without testing. Electrical testing needs to be performed to determine what is wrong.

The hazard and turn signals use the same filament. The other filament is park lamps.

With the vehicle completely assembled, key turned on, when you attempt to use the turn signals does the flasher click?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
39;With the vehicle completely assembled, key turned on, when U attempt to use the turn signals, does the flasher click?' NO.OK, CAN allow your time to respond./// Still, developed another problem checking fuse panel fuses, relays, & flashers: NOW volt indicator, temperature indicator, & tachometer are NOT working. But more importantly, what MAY be stopping the blinkers from blinking or lighting at all? Bulbs OK, fuses OK, hazard flasher & hazard/blinker indicators on dash OK. Blinker flasher(the other fuse panel flasher) continuous to turn test light on. No obvious wiring problems. What else do I need to check or look for?
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 12 months ago.

Using an incandescent test light is there power on the light blue wire at the flasher with the key on?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Getting deleted here: How do I find the light blue wire at the fuse panel to the flasher to see if it's got power? The flasher on the rear of the fuse panel is metallic silver & DOES click when it flashes the hazard lights. The other flasher is on the front of the fuse panel & is light blue plastic. When tested, it continuously lit a 12 V test bulb. Is it the blinker flasher? If it is & by it's continually lighting a 12 V test bulb, is NOT how a flasher works & is NOT why my blinkers don't work at all. The hazard flasher DID flash the 12 V test bulb. So, please, what else should I either check or look at? And what is problem that I caused by checking fuse panel fuses & relays that caused my temperature indicator, voltage indicator, AND tachometer to NOT work at all? Will await your response.
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 12 months ago.

Can you check for power on the light blue wire at the turn signal switch?