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Ew, I would like to know if a failing engine coolant

Customer Question

Hi Drew, I would like to know if a failing engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor can prevent my car from starting? My mechanic gave me dtc P0126,P0301 and P2112 and told me to start changing this sensor. The car suddenly lost power while driving and my gf pulled over and won't start again.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  Roger replied 1 year ago.

Hello, I'd be happy to help! First, the P0126 doesn't necessarily mean that you have a bad temperature sensor, that's a thermostat code so it could be a failed thermostat or temp sensor, either way that would not cause a no start condition. Now P2112 is a code pertaining to the throttle body, that could cause a no start condition but to test it to verify you would need a scan tool that can read more than just codes and a multimeter. Also, the other code is a misfire, and the fact that the smoke was white worries me there may be coolant getting in the combustion chamber. A fuel flooded engine will produce black smoke, not white. I would pull the spark plug from cylinder one and look into the combustion chamber with a flashlight before proceeding.

Expert:  jazzmaster replied 1 year ago.

hi, what I would do here is first the po126 usually means the thermostat is bad ,and it may be partially open -thus the temp is not reaching what it should in the time frame set by the pcm .

po301 is definately a misfire code for the # ***** cylinder and agreed that with white smoke the plug should be taken out and the cylinder checked for coolant .also, check the spark plug and see if it looks clean or wet .

a coolant pressure tester should also, be used to pressurize the cooling system .and then see if coolant is getting into the cylinder ..

2112 is a throttle body code .I would clean the throttle body ,,for that .

it would be good to take out the other spark plugs and do a compression check ,it is possible that the head gasket is bad and low compression will also, foul the spark plugs and cause a no start ..

if you see no coolant in the cylinders and the compression is up to par --look for around 150-180 in each -if there is a low one or two ,the head gasket or valves may need replacing ..jazzmaster ..

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