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Mazda Cx7: We have a 2007 Mazda cx7. We think the turbo is

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We have a 2007 Mazda cx7. We think the turbo is out. We're stranded in Montana on a trip from ND to Cali. The car would not shift into higher gears past 70. It began blowing out tons of white smoke out the exhaust. There was no oil in it. In the 400 miles we drove we checked the oil every 30 miles & refilled as needed. The car has no power, max speed is 50 & 15 on inclines. There was no where within that 400 miles to find a Mazda mechanic. Researching we found this to be a common issue with this car. With this limited information would it be possible to continue this trip as long as we keep oil in it because the replacement of a new turbo appears to be very expensive? Thanks!
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Sorry to hear about your troubles during your trip.

The turbo is a common fault on this vehicle. I know there are some steep inclines between CA and ND. It is ok to drive the vehicle as long as you maintained the oil level.

Mazda decided that the turbo may not be the actual cause for burning oil but poor crankcase venting causing the turbo to suck oil out of the crankcase and burn it. There is a updated valve cover and crankcase breather hose system to repair this concern. The turbo also needs to be inspected for bearing wear and contact of the impeller to the housing. Also seeing signs of oil in the top air inter cooler is a good sign the turbo is worn.

I suggest trading the vehicle in and get yourself a CX5 or a newer CX7 with the 2.5L non-turbo. The older CX7 with 2.3L turbo engines are a endless money pit and can get VERY expensive fast.

You may also have other concerns causing the vehicle not to shift or lack of power. If the check engine light is on, there should be a fault code stored that will help determine what part of the system is causing the concern.

If the check engine light is on, you may want to find a local major parts store and they will scan it for you to see what fault codes are in the computer. The fault code number will also have a description of the system on concern.

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