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Mazda RX8: I appear to have the same problem and the AA guy

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I appear to have the same problem and the AA guy that came out to me yesterday 'played' with the lead to the starter motor and the car started okay. Today the same thing has happened, is it possible to purchase a replacement lead or do I need a complete starter motor? If a lead is available are they easy to fit? Thanks

I suspect that you are having problems with the "S"terminal in the starter. The electrical connection here is a push on female style electrical connection. There is no replacement for it on this vehicle.

I suggest on removing electrical connection and clean it. Then try and bend or squeeze the terminal tighter and reconnect to the starter.

If you still continue to have the same problem, some aftermarket parts stores may have the electrical connector end or pig tail available.

You can also go to a Mazda dealer and order this part number. It is for a 2004-2008 Mazda 3 with the same problem but it is the same terminal and will work for your vehicle.


Short Cord Set

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