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Mazda 626 LX: Have 1999 Mazda 626 v6. Have oil leak and intend

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Have 1999 Mazda 626 v6. Have oil leak and intend to replace valve cover gasket. May need to replace camshaft seal. does the cam shaft need to be removed to install new gasket. Are camshaft gaskets two-piece?
Hello, I am Randall. can you describe the location of the leak you have? thanks
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Front timing chain end of motor. Alternator coated with oil.

Although 2 cams, only one cam on each side of engine has a sprocket and a seal.
With that said? it is possible you have a cam seal leaking. can not rule that out however, changing a cam seal is a very big job, The timing belt ect is all removed, cam gear then seal
before one goes into all that work? I would lean to the more common which is the valve cover gasket. it is a one piece rubber gasket and can fail and leak

the diagram below shows the gasket as #4 shown

Book time is about 3 hours for the valve cover gaskets but much much labor and wok to change cam seals

I have not run into this engine wih failed cam seals to date. Not saying it is not possible. but is much more less common than valve cover gaskets
Sure , a bit of work for valve cover gaskets but not nearly like cam seals

the cams are not disturbed at all doing cover gaskets.Just upper intake and get to the valve covers and remove them to change the valve cover gaskets

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Would be helpful if diagram had legend for parts ID. There are no guide/center lines for camshaft parts esp. drive sprocket ends where seals are. Are seals shown? Parts 17 &18?

there are many diagrams. sorry, i can not send all in this type of format however, the valve cover on the side of engien as alternator is eay fix. I am sying I would do the cover, clean things up, then see if leak stops. this is most common
the seals? they are shown as "R" in the diagram on the right in front of valve cover #1

this requires timing belt removed, cam gears, cam caps etc to change the seals

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