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Mazda Millenia: How do I replace the main fuse (120 AMP) on

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How do I replace the main fuse (120 AMP) on a 1997 Mazda Millenia. I pulled the old one out and the prongs are stuck in.
Not that easy.Heres how.
How to remove the main fuse:

1. Open the hood of the car.
2. Remove the cover from the fuse panel.
3. You can see two heavy gauge wires coming from the battery that is connected to the main fuse. They are immediately to the right of the red circled relay in this picture. The far right hand side of the red circle is drawn right over the top of one of the wires and terminal post. In this picture it looks like JK has some kind of red aftermarket wire cover over the stock wire. On the stock Millenia, it is just a plain black insulated heavy gauage wire. You can see the two vertical terminal posts in the picture. They have two 10 mm nuts on them. Use a 10 mm wrench, and remove the two nuts. Then lift off the two heavy gauge wires.

4. Once the two heavy gauge wires are removed, look under them and you will then see two horizontal bolts. One on each side of the main fuse. Remove those two horizontal bolts, one on each side of the lower part of the main fuse. Those two bolts are what hold the main fuse on.
5. Once the two horizontal bolts are removed, then pull straight up on the main fuse. It will slide out.
6. Slide a new main fuse in.
7. Reinstall in reverse order.
Hoped this helped.Please rate excellent service so I can get Credit for my help thanks. Bonuses greatly appreciated.
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