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how do I remove the drivers side door panel off of a Mazda CX7 2007

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how do I remove the drivers side door panel off of a Mazda CX7 2007
Welcome! I'm Ron Z! I will do my best to answer all of your questions. For easy access to this thread, bookmark it now! Please read everything!

I've wrapped up the procedure to remove the driver's side front door panel into a PDF file, with images, for easier viewing/printing.

Download the procedure HERE
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Under the Front Door Removal Installation, what is a Fastener Removal? Is that a tool of some kind? Ive already removed the garnish and the two screws in both the door area as well as behind the plate where I pull the door latch. Im stuck trying to get the panels off. Do I need to go and buy a tool for this?

Refer to Fastener Removal is just a "tip" the repair manual gives you. It warns that the retaining clips are at risk of breaking if not careful. There is a special tool - Trim Stick - that will aid in the removal of the retainer clips. You can usually rent this tool from any local big chain parts store, like AutoZone. The tool reduces the risk of breaking clips, however, if you tape the end of a flat-blade screwdriver, and come at the retainer clips from an angle, this will work too. If you do happen to break any clips, no need to worry, as replacement clips are sold in packages of 6 (i think) or so at any local parts store.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Do you have any other schematics on the drivers side door window? Im not too mechanically inclined and I dont want to break the clips. Should I rent a trim stick in this case. All I want is to remove the window switch so I can clean the contacts. Thank you
Ok- before we go any further, i'm going to need to ask you to stop rating me "helped a little" - on my end, this is a Negative rating, and hurts my record. Try to hold off the rating until AFTER you are satisified with your answer. Basically- you're killing me here. My long-held, excellent Mazda rating has just been tanked in the last 10minutes (i know... i know... the website instructions for the rating system are vague). I'd rather you don't rate, or don't pay at all, then keep rating me negative. Use the "reply to expert tab" to get more information and ask follow up questions. Thanks!

The PDF file that was provided to you was straight from the repair manual. If you were to go and buy a repair manual, that's what you'd get. Except here, it's a lot cheaper. As for the clip locations, if you zoom in on the images in the PDF file, the clip locations are marked. Once the door panel is removed, there are screws on the underside of the window switch to remove it (see image below).
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