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reset 1994 B3000 rear brakes abs to bleed rear brakes

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reset 1994 B3000 rear brakes abs to bleed rear brakes

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Here is the information you requested.

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  • Bleed the primary and secondary hydraulic brake Systems separately.


  • Do not let the master cylinder reservoir run dry. Add brake fluid to the reservoir during the entire bleeding procedure.
  • Be sure the pedal remains depressed until the bleed screw is tightened.


  • Two people should stay in voice contact with each other.
  1. On the master cylinder, loosen the master cylinder-to-hydraulic pipe fittings.


  • Wrap a shop cloth around the tubing below the fittings to absorb leaking fluid.



  1. One person should apply the brake pedal slowly. This will force the air trapped in the system through the fittings.
  2. Holding the brake pedal down, tighten the fittings. Release the brake pedal. Make sure the fittings are tight before releasing the pedal or air will re-enter the master cylinder.
  3. Repeat this procedure until air ceases to escape at the fittings.



  1. Place a box wrench on the bleeder fitting on the Rear Anti- Lock Brake System hydraulic unit (if equipped). Attach a rubber drain tube to the bleeder fitting. Insert the free end of the tube in a partially filled container of brake fluid. Loosen the bleeder fitting, then press the brake pedal to the floor. Tighten the bleeder fitting after all air bubbles cease appearing. Release the brake pedal. Repeat this procedure until air bubbles cease to appear.



  1. Attach a vinyl hose to the right rear bleeder plug.
  2. Place the other end of the vinyl tube in a clear container.
  3. One person should depress the brake pedal a few times, and then hold it in the depressed position.
  4. A second person should loosen the bleeder screw, drain out the fluid and retighten the screw.
  5. Repeats steps 8 and 9 until no air bubbles are seen. Move on the left rear, right front, and to the left front.
  6. Check for correct brake operation.
  7. Verify that there is no fluid leakage. Clean any spilled fluid with rags.
  8. After bleeding the air, add brake fluid to the reservoir up to the specified level.


  • Air bleeding must be done from the bleeder screw farthest from the disassembled parts to the nearest.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
as sioon as we get it fixed I will gladly Pay for your knowledge sir.
No problem.

Drew and other Mazda Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks Drew we got it after trying to get fluid from rear brakes for hours.


the Bear

73 440 Challenger

MoPar or No Car

Great job!!


Thanks for the accept and bonus.