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mazdamaster577, Master Technician
Category: Mazda
Satisfied Customers: 691
Experience:  mazda master/shop foreman for 15 years.
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Mazda RX-8: Why is my check engine light flashing when I accelerate

Customer Question

Why is my check engine light flashing when I accelerate in my 2005 Rx 8
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  mazdamaster577 replied 5 years ago.

mazdamaster577 :

Hello, My name is Archie. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. when the light is flashing the computer is seeing a misfire. most common cause is bad ignition coils.

JACUSTOMER-1xwol1qc- : K
JACUSTOMER-1xwol1qc- : Hello
mazdamaster577 :

yes, Im here

JACUSTOMER-1xwol1qc- : I got a code p0336
mazdamaster577 :


  • Eccentric shaft position sensor malfunction

  • Connector or terminal malfunction

  • Eccentric shaft position sensor is dirty

  • Eccentric shaft position plate malfunction

  • PCM malfunction

JACUSTOMER-1xwol1qc- : So what do I do to determine the problem
mazdamaster577 :

disconect the battery for 30 seconds, reconnect the battery, turn the key to the run possition and tap the brake peddle 20 times within 8 seconds. the oil pressure guage will go up and back down. then start the engine and see if the problem goes away. this procedure resets the memory for the sensor.

JACUSTOMER-1xwol1qc- : Ok sorry it took so long, I did reset the memory like u said, and the light went off for a while but came back on flashing and the car is still hesitating
mazdamaster577 : The crank pulley needs to be checked next. If it is ok then the sensor is the next step to replace. If the problem continues, it is either a wire harnace or the computer.
JACUSTOMER-1xwol1qc- : Could a small battery be caused, I have a new one but it's only 455 creaking amps
mazdamaster577 :

420-490 is recomended CCA, so that should not be the problem. do you have a timing light where you can check the ignition coils?

JACUSTOMER-1xwol1qc- : Yes but how do I that
mazdamaster577 :

check the flash patern on each plug wire.