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Randall C
Randall C, ASE Master Tech
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2.3L..leaking engine oil badly (puddles after parking)..replaced oil

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Just had a 2.3L engine rebuilt and it is leaking engine oil badly (puddles after parking). Rebuilder said he at first redid silicone sealnt on oil pan. It still leaked and then he said he replaced oil pan as it had a crack. It still leaks now. Some oil coming out of stater motor location - pretty much oil everywhere. Looks like main seal is leaking but want to ensure this is correct before trying to pull the whole engine/tranny again to replace the main seal. Thanks.

tracker40 :

Hello, I am Randall. Very difficult form my end. the correct repair is to use silicone for the pan seal, but i am little troubled as to why they did the pan. A crack would have leaked prior to engine rebuild, so either crack happened before rebuild or due to engine failure or the shop made an error. the oil pressure send is not in that location of the leak, so,, by your description? sounds like either pan again or rear main seal is in fat leaking for some reason. In our shop we would clean it all up, put dye in the oil, run till leaks and use special light to spot dye spots confirming where leak is coming from. I would ask shop if they have the dye to check for leaks. it may? very well be the oil pan again and they may want to use a gasket instead of silicone. Either is ok. If they can fix with new pan gasket, then suspect rear main seal. the way the engine turns would in fact sling oil on the starter side of engine an around the starter area. Its a big job to do rear main but I sure would be 100% that oil pan is sealed correct and NOt leaking. sounds like they struggled with pan OR thought leak was from there and in fact this is a rear main seal problem

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