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mazdamaster577, Master Technician
Category: Mazda
Satisfied Customers: 691
Experience:  mazda master/shop foreman for 15 years.
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1998 mazda millenia: wont start..spark plugs..alternator..rotor

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I have a 1998 mazda millenia and it wont start i have change the starter, all spark plugs, the crankshaft sensor, alternator and belt, distributor cap and rotor, new battery, check the fuel and it is flowing thru the lines but turning over just want start

mazdamaster577 : Are the spark plugs wet with fuel on them?
Customer: Yes
mazdamaster577 : So the spark or timing is the problem. The belt might have jump. Has the timing been checked?
Customer: no
mazdamaster577 : Have the timing belt checked to make sure it is correct.
Customer: What if none of the spark plugs getting fire
mazdamaster577 : Then the distributor is bad. Common issue.
Customer: I just replace it with a brab
Customer: I just replace it with a brand new one
mazdamaster577 : If you have no spark, the cam or crank sensor could be bad. But the injectors would not spray fuel either.
Customer: Change the crank sensor also
mazdamaster577 : So, you have fuel but no spark?
Customer: Yes
mazdamaster577 : Sounds like the new distributor is bad.
mazdamaster577 : The only other step is to check the compression.
Customer: Could the wires not on the distributor all the way cause the same thing Since u said that i think its the timing will check it and let u know how it turn out
mazdamaster577 : Even if only 3 wires are on good it should still try to run.
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