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Mazda MPV LX: My check engine light came on about a week ago

Resolved Question:

My check engine light came on about a week ago in my Mazda MPV. There are non problems with the car that we can tell. Gas cap is secure, no misfires, plenty of speed and no noises. I've heard they come on after certain milestones. Is this something I can just get reset at an autoparts store and then see if it comes back on?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  Randall C replied 5 years ago.
Hello, I am Randall,. That light indicates a problem was detetcted by the computer like a sensor or bad emsiions reading or one of many other things. It will not just come on at different mileage intervals. A problem was detected. it could have just been an intermittant to never return or, in fact a problem does exist and needs addressed. A shop nor parts store is permitted to reset the light. Thats a Federal violation as the repair must be done before light reset
With all that said, you can go to local parts store and ask for a free code scan. They will tell you the code # XXXXX and what the code means. If a simple sensor, they will tell you that as well. Still you will have to have light cleared by a shop after repair OR the light will go out after so many drive cycles AND the computer has not detected same problem during the drive cycles. Coudl take a couple days to go out if problem no longer there.
You can try removing both battery terminals, holding ends together for 90 seconds then put them back on battery. may? clear it but most times will not. Cant say if ok to drive till checked as dont know the code but,, if running and shifting ok? I suspect ok to drive. I would stop driving if you notice something unusual
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