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Remove the valve cover to replace ignition coils on 2003 MPV?

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DO you have to remove the valve cover to replace ignition coils on 2003 MPV?

Welcome to! My name is DriveFast71(Ron) and I will do my best to answer all of your questions completely and accurately.


To remove the ignition coils, you do not need to remove the valve covers. For the front 3 (the ones closest to the front of the vehilce) you only need to remove the coil mounting bolt, then lift the ignition coil off (see inmage #1 below). However, to access the rear 3 coils, you will need to remove the dynamic chamber (see ikmage #2 below) to access the ignition coil mounting bolts.




Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks! I hope you dont mind a followup: THere is a small leak under engine, oil pan, that has been around a long time but no problem - drove car in storm past weekend, high winds and lots of rain, started running rough engine light came on. dealer wants to replace valve cover gasket, one bad coil, plus three coils in back (not bad), thinking oil leak is causing problem. and spark plugs. Seems to me he can just replace bad coil?

An oil leak under the vehicle on the oil pan (probably gasket) will NOT casue a faulty coil. It is common for a single coil to go faulty. The coils are usually replaced on a "need-to" basis, and very rarely does more than one at a time go faulty. If you'd like a second opinion- i'd suggest a FREE (except in CA) "p-code" read at any "big chain" parts store, like AutoZone. With these p-codes, you can more accurately and efficiently determine the actual cause. For example- if you get a P0300 code, this is most commonly spark plugs. If you get a P0302 - this woul dmore commonly be a faulty ignition coil for cylinder #2.


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