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2004 mazda 6: cyl..cel..light flashes when you sensor

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Hi all, i am working on a 2004 mazda 6 2.3 4 cyl. It has a cel with code p0340 tcs light flashes when you accelerate. Changed cam sensor, cranck sensor checked wiring all seems to be good. On testing found that signal to fuel injectiors and coil cuts of and on, on acceleration, the rpm also drops to 0 and then back to where it is supposed to be.Any suggestions

snapontech :

Welcome to Justanswer

snapontech :
The problem is the timing. Check the camshaft timing to determine if the timing chain may have jumped. With the valve cover off, place a flat bar across the back of the head and into the slots on the camshafts. With the bar in place, verify that the crankshaft position sensor is aligned with the tooth on the front pulley and that the line up bolt can be installed through the front pulley and into the timing cover. If things don’t line up, the timing chain has jumped. You will need to fix this is a common problem with this vehicle I would get it fixed asap before driving. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks Danny

Thanks Danny, will be working on this on monday and will give you a feed back before the end of the day.

snapontech :

No problem. This is most common problem on this car.

snapontech :

If you want you can hit ACCEPT. Monday if you need anything else you can access me through my questions for free followup


Hey Danny, timing was out, replaced chain and tensioner, runs perfect now. thanks.

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