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2002 Protege: 80k miles..developed a rattling sound coming..wheel well

Customer Question

Got a 2002 Protege 5 w 80k miles. Love this car. It has developed a rattling sound coming from the left front wheel well area. Feels like its right behind the dashboard/firewall, kinda high up. Most noticeable over bumpy roads, but is actually rattling always. Suspension doesn't feel loose, but might it be a bushing or strut mount? perhaps an endlink? the only clue I can give is that the rattle diminishes a bit when I depress the brake pedal. I've had the calipers checked and rechecked and no one can find anything wrong with my brakes. Any ideas, or knowledge of P5 suspension issues?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  Mazda Ed replied 6 years ago.



I would start by checking the front sway bar links. This is a common problem area and causes an annoying rattle that is worse on bumpy roads. The best way to check these is with the weight of the car on the wheels. So either drive it on to an aligment rack or a set of ramps so you can get under the front end a little bit. You may be able to do this without the ramps by turning the wheels all the way in one direction. After you get access to the sway bar links you need to grab the sway bar right at the end and pull down and push up on the bar. If you see movement in the small joints at the end of the sway bar link then they are bad and need to be replaced. Make sure you examine the end that is attached to the sway bar and the end that is attached to the strut.