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Mazda Ed
Mazda Ed, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Mazda
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99 mazda b4000: pickup..dome light..light stays..oil pressure gauge

Customer Question

99 mazdab4000 pickup dome light stays on occassionaly. Door ajar light sometimes too. Sometimes oil pressure gauge flips about radically. When in truck with keys on accesory to listen to radio the noisy bell chime wont stop ringing. Heater now only comes on in high position. Ac pump kicks on once in a while during idle so I unplugged it. What's wrong w this truck?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mazda
Expert:  Mazda Ed replied 6 years ago.



You have several problems!

1) Dome light / Door ajar light - One of the door ajar switches is sticking in the latch. What I usually do as a cheap first fix is to spray each latch with brake parts cleaner. Then open and close the door about 10-12 times. Then spray the latch down with WD40 and again open and close the door about 10-12 times. This usually frees up the stuck switch and sometimes the cleaning lasts a year or more! Otherwise you will need to replace the switch in the door.

2) A/C compressor kicking on.... this is normal if the A/C is turned on OR if the ANY mode that uses the defroster is selected. Normal operation and should be plugged back in to ensure long life of the A/C system.

3)Oil pressure gauge going wacky is typically the oil pressure sending unit. You may also notice that oil has started dripping from it. It's a small inexpensive sensor/switch that screws into the engine with a wire attached to it.

4)Chime - Probably caused by the truck thinking the door is open with the key in the ignition. Try checking to see if it makes the noise when the dome light/door ajar light are working properly.

5)Blower only working on high is most likely a bad blower motor resistor. The high speed setting completely bypasses this resistor but all of the lower speeds must go through it. One bad section in the resistor and all of the low speeds can stop.