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Mazda 3 My speedometer and power steering stopped working

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My speedometer and power steering stopped working.
Welcome to just I'm here to help you and your 100% satisfaction is my goal.Very often the losses speedometer is because of a faulty vehicle speed sensor Verify the vehicle speed sensor has battery voltage on the Green wire and ground on the Black/Yellow wire. If either are bad check for a damaged wiring harness.Check the White/Red wire for a 5 volt reference when the sensor is unplugged and the key is on. If the 5 volt reference is not present check for a damaged wiring harness. If all the voltages test good, check for a 0-5 volt square wave on the White/Red wire when the wheels are spinning. If there is no signal the sensor is faulty or may have a bad connection. and the power steering problem may be caused by a faulty control unit or a bad ground

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