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Sandhya_sharma, Master's Degree
Category: Math Homework
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Experience:  I hold M.Sc and M.Phil degrees in math and have several years of teaching experience.
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Has 312 books. 11 times as many fiction as non fiction. How

Customer Question

Mark has 312 books. 11 times as many fiction as non fiction. How many fiction books does Mark have?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Math Homework
Expert:  Sandhya_sharma replied 1 year ago.

Let x be the number of non fiction books then number of fiction books will be 11x.

Total number of books = 312

x + 11x = 312

12x = 312

divide by 12 on each side

x = 312/12 = 26

Number of fiction books = 11x = 11(26) = 286

Answer: 286

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