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This is a design of experiment (DOE) Although many things

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This is a design of experiment (DOE) Although many things have been learned to this point and we have made progress, we are not quite there. Earlier in the project the team determined that thickness was the main problem relating to the high level defects
in the leveler plates. The analysis has been completed. Now, we want to IMPROVE the process. You recommend using a design of experiments approach to hopefully realize a breakthrough improvement. The team brainstorms a long list of possible reasons why the
thickness is not capable. From that list, the team has reduced it down to five factors they want to include in an experiment. They suspect interactions, so they conclude a full factorial will be required. They refer to the resolution matrix (in your workbook
- page 549 (Book 3 of your white manuals in the Fractional Factorial Designs Lecture) and they find they can learn about the effects of those five factors in 32 experiments. The factors for the experiment were Depth, Temp, Pressure, R.P.M. and Time. Instructions:
From the factorial experiment (below) calculate the interactions to determine confounding. +. Fill in the interaction columns. (shaded in peach color) You will need to do this to answer #+ in the peach-colored area below. 2. Is the design below a resolution
III, IV, V or Full Factorial (no resolution)? 3. The design below is a design that an consultant is recommending. Unfortunately, you learn some bad news. Your management has set your budget only allowing for 8 runs because the trials cost $600 a piece. What
would you recommend? Big Hint: One of the factors MAY be dropped from the study - for economic reasons. (please provide your answer in the peach-colored area below) You do not have to determine which factor to drop. 4. Using the resolution matrix on page 549
(Book 3 of the white manuals), what resolution would your recommendation be? 5. Based on your new recommendation, what are you giving up? Explain (briefly in the peach area) +. What is the sign (+ or -) for the AxC interaction for the 4th trial? - 2. What
is the resolution as shown above? (III, IV, or V, or Full)::: Full? 3. What is your recommendation? Recommed that one of the factors be dropped from the study for economic reasons. 4. What would the new resolution be? (III, IV, or V) ::: III 5. What would
you be giving up? I would be giving up Time based on my recommendation to drop one of the factors. The respective confounding structure is: (refer to the 'finger rule'). What confounding will you see?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Math Homework
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 2 years ago.
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