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Consumers in a certain state choose between three long distance

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Consumers in a certain state choose between three long distance telephone services. GTT, NCJ, and Dash. Aggressive marketing by all three companies results in a continual shift of customers among the three services. Each year, GTT loses 5% of its customers to NCJ and 20% to Dash, NCJ loses 25% of its customers to GTT and 10% to Dash, and Dash loses 25% of its customers to GTT and 30% to NCJ. Assuming that these percentages remain valid over a long period of time, what is each company's expected market share in the long run?

GTT's expected market share is _____%?
NCJ's expected market share is _____%?
Dash's expected market share is _____%?

I am working on this question.

I will post answer ASAP.


Please download solution from the following link.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It is asking me to download something.
After opening that link click on "Click here to start download from sendspace". You will get file.

Let me know if you face any difficulty.

Here is the answer. detailed solution is in file.

GTT’s expected market share is 50%
NCJ’s expected market share is 26.9%
Dash’s expected market share is 23.1%

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