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calculate the surface area of a vessel with a cylindrical length

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calculate the surface area of a vessel with a cylindrical length of 60 feet, a diameter of 10 feet, and with belled ends of 5-foot radius.

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Think of this vessel as being comprised of three parts:

(Hemisphere of 5 foot radius) + Cylinder + (Hemisphere of 5 foot radius)

The two hemispheres are equivalent to a complete sphere, so the surface area of the two hemispheres together is:

4(pi)(radius)² = 4(pi)(5)² = 100pi

The surface area of the cylindrical portion is:

(pi)(diameter)(length) = (pi)(10)(60) = 600pi

The total surface area of the vessel is 100pi + 600pi = 700pi square feet

Using 3.14 as an approximation of pi gives a total surface area of:

700pi = 700(3.14) = 2198 square feet

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