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dhouse1940, Master's Degree
Category: Math Homework
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Experience:  BS mathematics, MS biostatistics, 35+ yrs designing & analyzing biological experiments.
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For any population, a z-score of +1.00 corresponds to a location

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For any population, a z-score of +1.00 corresponds to a location exactly 10 points above the mean.

2. On an exam, Tom scored 8 points above the mean and had a z-score of +2.00. The standard deviation for the set of exam scores must be s = 4.

3. If two individuals in a population have identical X scores, they also will have identical z-scores.

4. A population with m = 85 and s = 12 is transformed into z-scores. After the transformation, the population of z-scores will have a standard deviation of _____.
s = 12
s = 1.00
s = 0
cannot be determined from the information given

5. For a population with a mean of m = 100, what is the z-score corresponding to a score that is located 10 points below the mean?
cannot answer without knowing the standard deviation

6. The Unit Normal Table lists proportions for any distribution, provided that the distribution has been transformed into z-scores.

7. A population forms a normal distribution with m = 80 and s = 10. In this population, 42.07% of the scores are less than X = 78.

8. What is the probability of randomly selecting a z-score less than z = –0.80 from a normal distribution?

9. In a normal distribution, what z-score value separates the highest 90% of the scores from the rest of the distribution?
z = 1.28
z = –1.28
z = 0.13
z = –0.13

10. For any normal distribution, what are the z-score values that form the boundaries for the middle 80%?
z = ±0.25
z = ±0.52
z = ±0.84
z = ±1.28

Dennis :


1. False

2. True

3. True

4. s = 1

5. cannot answer without knowing the standard deviation

6. True

7. True

8. 0.2119

9. z = – 1.28

10. z = ±1.28

Please click on ACCEPT so I get credit. A bonus would be appreciated and thanks for using JustAnswer.


I was mostly checking to see if my answers were right, and I see I'm still getting the positive and negatives mixed up. Thanks so much.

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