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My 96 seadoo bombardier has no spark on the spark plugs.

Customer Question

My 96 seadoo bombardier has no spark on the spark plugs. I'm getting pulsating power from the white wire that goes to the ignition coil, I checked with my test light. I also removed the sparkplug wires from the coil and nothing. I bought a used coil from
ebay and still no spark. Can both coils be bad? I don't get any beeps when I put the key. I press the button 5 times and I get a long beep followed by a short beep. Does this mean anything? I have a new battery, the fuses r good and I'm getting power at the
fuses. Also, the starter only works when I jump it at the solenoid. I'm a car mechanic, not really into jet skis, this has me chasing my tail. Please help, thanks
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Marine Electronics
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 1 year ago.

If you are getting nothing out of the ignition coil, then it's very likely that it's either bad or the wrong coil. Typically in ignition coil is not something I would suggest buying used. It is extremely common for an ignition coil to fail once it's taken out of the original vehicle. There are several reasons for this including the difficulty of getting a good ground that's been removed from another JetSki.

It sounds like you may have more than one problem. To see if the starter is a problem, try tapping it slightly with a hammer or even the handle of the screwdriver – if it starts when you do that then the starter needs to be replaced. If you remove the spark plugs and keep the wires attached, you should be able to see the spark if you're in the dark. While doing that, and it has to be really dark for this, missed water around the wires and the ignition coils. Make sure you're not getting spark where you shouldn't be. If you disconnect the wires some the ignition coils and turn the ignition, you should actually get spark between the coils. This would be an indication that the coils are working properly. If you're in doubt about the part or parts of fault, the first thing I would do is change the ignition coils for new ignition coils.

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