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I have a Simrad 4G radar with NSS Evo2 12" display with GS25

Customer Question

I have a Simrad 4G radar with NSS Evo2 12" display with GS25 GPS antenna. The problem I am experiencing is intermittent radar functionality. When this happens I get the message "radar overlay is invalid". Unit function flawlessly for about 2 months, now I get this error at least once a day while using the radar. Radar goes off line for about 1-3 hours, then starts working again. The radar will typically work fine for about 3-5 hours then goes off line while in use. To rule out boat wiring, network, etc., when this happened on my driveway, I took the NSS Evo2 to a friend's boat with the exact same hookup and equipment. Radar was still off line. Re-hooked up my friend's NSS Evo2, his radar worked fine. So based on this test, I know the problem is somewhere in my NSS Evo2 12 inch display. I checked with Simrad, they seem to think my software is up to date. Is this a hardware issue or software ??
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Marine Electronics
Expert:  Charles replied 2 years ago.
The easiest thing that yo can do on your end is to do a software update just to make sure that i not the issue. If you have a corrupted file, that can cause this kind of issue. If that is not the case, the NSS will need to be sent in as there is a hardware issue inside it when it gets hot from operating. This could be as simple as a weak solder joint, but the units are not serviceable outside of a factory service center.

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