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Experience:  US Navy (Ret) I have been installing Marine Electronics for over a decade now.
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Have a 2014 ZV 21 Nitro with a Gen 2 10in in bow, a gen 2 10

Customer Question

Have a 2014 ZV 21 Nitro with a Gen 2 10in in bow, a gen 2 10 and a gen 2 9in at steering wheel, it started with the bow unit blinking and going off now it's all three , dark screens to off to blinking. The boat is set up with 2 series 27 batteries hooked to make 12 volts. we checked everything even load tested the batteries and they show 13.5 volts and run everything else perfect , start the motor with eze but after a short time the graphs start in. one of them would work if others were off. We found that if the big motor was running we had no troubles. Could there be something battery related even if they show good, it's the only thing common to all three as they go to a fuse box and are separate there
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Marine Electronics
Expert:  Charles replied 2 years ago.
Hello, my name is***** you for allowing me to assist you today. Your question may take more that one post to get an accurate answer.
Your issue is battery related. You have 3 large units on there plus all the pumps for the livewell system. When the batteries get below 10V that is when the units will shut off. One thing that you could do is to install Mercury's battery isolator system. Then move the depth finders to one battery directly. The isolator would still charge both batteries, but the rest of the system would be separate. This should help you out.

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