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Raymarine dt40 depth sounder does not display data while moving.

Customer Question

Raymarine dt40 depth sounder does not display data while moving. Works ok when stopped. I moved the transducer to another area because I thought it was in the wake of an anode. But still only display depth readings when stopped.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Marine Electronics
Expert:  Joe replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your question, my name is ***** ***** I will be glad to assist you with your concern today.

Which model transducer are you using?

Where exactly on the hull is it mounted?

In regards ***** ***** above that info will help yes, however I can also provide an answer to you as the most common cause of this problem because of the very specific symptom (no data while under way) this problem is usually due to "air" this can be anything forward or close enough to the transducer to put air/bubbles around it and cause incorrect/incomplete/missing data. This can include water intakes, anything that mounts to/through the hull, hull design including a stepped hull and or too close the the chines, to close to motor gear/drives etc.

Thank you!

- Joe

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
You just stated the obvious....that's why I moved the transducer in the first place. That's not expert advice???? I explained that in my introduction to the problem.
Expert:  Joe replied 2 years ago.
Giid morning David,

You stated only that you moved it do to thinking an anode was effecting it and that you checked connections, that is all.

I gave an answer based on the symptoms you provided, I also requested the info for the transducer and where it is mounted on the hull and what hull will also help.

I have had times that customers have had a problem and for instance it could be a scoop on something else forward of the ducer and have growth on it that was causing the problem and that cleaning fixed, rare but it has happened. I simply cannot guess what you have and thus I had to provide what info I could at the time based on the info I had to work with.

I do not know if you edited it in or what happened but last night the part about this not being a new install was not there.

That added to the other problem and until I have the other info I requested this would seem to suggest a bad transducer. However there could have been changes to the hull/modifications and or bottom painted that I don't know about.

Here are all the things that will cause that problem including a bad transducer:

Anything causing disruption of the water and or air.

Ducer location, this can be at a point that while under way it is coming partly or all the way out of the water such as on a plane. Any hull protrusions such as chines, stepped hulls, water inlets/scoops, any other ducers, paddle wheels. Cavitation from props. Loosely mounted ducer.

This is not the obvious, these are all the problems that will cause the problem you are having. Those are the only things as well. Again that is based on exterior hull mounting and it not mounted inside the hull, again I would need that info to confirm.