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Is there anyway to retrieve old text messages after I have

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is there anyway to retrieve old text messages after I have backed up my phone on my desk top? I had asked at the Apple store how to say texts from my daughter and they told me to enter her number somewhere so it would store the texts but I don't remember where that was or how to get to the information. Others have said that would not work.. Any thoughts?

Hi my name is***** allow me take a look at your original question so I don’t miss any details.

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
If you can

What you can try first is if you have a mac computer, you can sign into your messages app on there in hopes that you can see any old messages....then

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
What I am trying to find out if it is even possible that text messages can be stored on my computer from my phone.. If it is not possible then it is not worth looking for

If you have a backup, meaning if you have ever backed up to your computer using itunes and you backed up when you had these messages you are looking for, then yes, you should be ok.

What I mentioned before is that the only other option would be to sign into messages on your mac (if you have one) and see if your messages show in there as well.

Jon and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 27 days ago.
well then it is worth taking a look i guess

In order to remote assist I just need you to do the following:

1. Click this link ->

2. A file will automatically download, when finished downloading, click the file to open

3. Double click the icon inside in order to connect

Make sure this is on your computer

Just some notes for reference so you know what we did to solve the issue after our remote session:

First we checked itunes for backups

YEs, on a mac

We went to itunes/preferences/devices and noticed that there are several of backups which is very good.

We are currently looking for specific text messages from the past so one option is to do a restore from one of these backups and then check for the messages you are looking for on your device. However this can be time consuming as you would first have to guess when would be a good date for a backup and then do one by one if needed.

Therefore I showed how you can open messages and the account needed happened to already be signed in and we searched for the person in questions for the messages and the phone number

Explained why some messages come up by name and some come up by phone number.

This messages process to retrieve past messages is a lot easier then doing multiple backups however, there could be more messages within the backups then the ones showing in iMessages it just all depends.

Then I took notes in text edit while demonstrating how to save the messages to a .pdf file or how to print.

All is good and has what is needed.

VEry nice to work with and again take care.

Customer: replied 21 days ago.
Saint Jon, while you were side by side assisting me things seemed pretty understandable then it all got pretty dark when you went away after awhile. I was able to print some of the texts from iMessages we found under the name Damian however my printer ran out of ink a before I noticed it about 10 pages printed pink before I could change the ink. Unfortunately when I tried to go back and find them again nothing came back up under the name Damian.I tried seeing if I could find anything else by going thru iTunes but that was way over my pay grade. So I don’t know if that is something you want to try and tackle with me since you said it was more complex. I have a portable hard drive or a flash drive I was wondering if they could be used to put the files on and look for the texts there. Again I have no Idea how to go about anything like that.

Saint Jon...not even close. But thank you for the kind words. The only thing you can do is to restore your phone from those backups within itunes 1 by 1. Here is exactly how you do it step by step even with pictures. Just click the link below :)