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David, Mac Support Specialist
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I failed to properly shut down my Apple laptop and the wheel

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I failed to properly shut down my Apple laptop and the wheel just goes around. What should I do?
JA: Just to clarify, what's the make and model of your laptop, and what operating system are you running?
Customer: Apple Macbook 2014, most recent operating system
JA: Have you installed any updates recently?
Customer: Not to my knowledge
JA: What troubleshooting have you tried?
Customer: Tried to shut it down several times but the wheel just keeps going around
JA: Anything else you want the Mac Expert to know before I connect you?
Customer: Just help

Hi my name is ***** ***** to JustAnswer. I am reviewing your question and will post a reply ASAP.

Did you shut it down by holding the power button, and the wheel you see going around is when you try to start it up?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I held down the start button and it worked. Thank you. One more question: I can I prevent other computers other than my IMac and Macbook from being shared with other internet systems that show up when I start my laptop on my outside deck?

Sorry for the delay.

Yes, that is a setting in System Preferences.

Click on the Apple menu in the top left corner and click System Preferences.

Then click Sharing. It is the last item on the third row.

Untick all shared services to stop them showing up on local networks.

Please let me know if your Mac starts up Ok now, and if you can find the option to turn off sharing services in System Preferences.

PS Please take a moment to click the star rating to rate my help, many thanks in advance!

David and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you

Can you provide me with your telephone number so I can call you about the issue? Many thanks in advance!

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
David, I believe that I jumped the gun when I pressed the secure remote assistance button. What does that mean if I cannot reverse that action?

If you prefer that I remotely connect to your computer let me know.

Oh I see. Don't worry then, I will not mark it as accepted and you will not be charged the extra.

The way it works is you request remote assistance, and I receive the request.

Then I remotely connect, or phone you and discuss the issue.

When we are finished and only then, I mark the Premium Service as completed, and then it is charged.

In this case it was a miss-click so I will not complete the form to say the Premium Service was fulfilled.

Don't worry you won't be charged for it.

However I am still able to help you via the thread here, and I still lam interested to know if your issue is resolved.

Does your mac startup properly now?

Have you tried restarting it, just to be sure it restarts ok?

And have you been able to turn of Sharing services, so your Mac doesn't appear on public networks?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I see that you are very friendly, which is unusual for these types of services. I will keep your web connection on my computer for future reference. I panicked a bit before because losing my laptop would be BAD. Thank you for canceling the Premium Service.

Not at all, you're very welcome, and thank you for the kind compliment :)

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I followed your instructions regarding Preference Sharing. I noticed that my sharing with my IMac was turned off. But, I am still confused: When I did have sharing on, I noticed that on my Mackbook there was not lock on it when I was outside. Does that mean that anyone who sees my IMac can gain access to my Imac? By the way, if you ever wanted to know everything about global transportation, just let me know.

I'm not quite clear on what lock you mean. Where do you expect to see the lock symbol exactly?

With Sharing services, people can access whatever is shared by that particular service.

For example printer sharing would only allow access to a shared connected printer, but File Sharing would allow access to a shared folder and potentially even more shared folders.

So yes there is difference and there are some security concerns regarding sharing.

As for global transportation, do you think Ryan Air are using the pilots as a scapegoat in the current flight cancellation fiasco? :)

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I will follow your recommendations to the letter. The only "share" is my printer. Regarding Ryan Air, yes, there are using the pilots as a scapegoat. Ryan has always been known as a very clever air carrier and this particular tactic fits into their operational process. At the same time, other European airlines, big or small, are all under constant pressure to cut costs and this is one way of doing that. Lufthansa recently went through 10 pilot strikes because of basically the same management tactics when German Wing started up a few years ago. Wait for the same issues to develop here in the U.S. in the next few years. OK, that is enough but if you need to know more, just send me an e-mail and I will respond as quickly as possible. WARNING: Drink lots of coffee before reading my responses. You can now understand why my students struggle with my lectures on global transportation and logistics.

I am from a small city in Ireland called Waterford. Ryan Air was started there in the regional airport, by a businessman called Tony Ryan. He went on to start a company in Shannon that leases aeroplanes to airlines globally, and I believe they own most of the worlds aeroplanes. Michael O'Leary was made CEO of Ryan Air and has been famous for his cost cutting. A friend of mine worked for him in the beginning, in the early days. He refused to buy office pens, everyone had to bring their own. That's low cost for you!

That's great insight, thank you for that. I wanted to be a pilot as a kid, but it seems airline pilots these days are being squeezed and overworked, and it is so expensive to train.

Have a great day and if you need any more help don't hesitate to get back to me!

By the way, this is a great movie if you haven't seen it:

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
If you want to see a recent presentation I made on air transportation, please let me know and I will send it to you via Dropbox. Pilots today have a tough road given the personal time and training involved. Not a glamours job anymore. Some of my nephews in Germany are pilots for Lufthansa and are not enjoying their jobs like they used to. All are highly qualified but there is a limit on their personal lives. My own background is US Merchant Marine but there also life at sea is not the same. It used to be fun but now it is very stressful with limited time in port. That is why I started teaching at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, which I found a lot more enjoyable and rewarding. I also teach similar courses in Europe and Asia. All the best and thank you for hanging in there with me. I only wish that I knew one thousandth of the stuff you know about computers. Gerhardt

You're very welcome. You can learn as much as you need to about computers but one of the main things I find is patience. They don't always do what is expected. Oh, and always have a backup ;)

Customer: replied 26 days ago.
David, I noticed this morning that I was charged $39.00 (VISA credit card) for a service you said that I would not have to pay because it was a mistake on my part (See 20 September 2017 03:58). Please let me know how this can be resolved. By-the-way, I mentioned your service to some friends and they said that the wanted to know more.

Hi Gerhardt, I did mark the service as not completed, there must have been a clerical error regarding the extra charge.

I could not issue the refund for it myself, but if you contact customer service about it they will be happy to help you out.

Please use the following link to contact them, and please mention that you would only like to be refunded for the premium service charge. Many thanks.

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
I sent an e-mail as you suggested. Let's hope that it goes through as expected. Meanwhile, it was great communicating with you and perhaps we will continue in the future. All the best, Gerhardt

I'm at your service should you need me again. All the best Gerhardt!

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
David, much appreciate all your help. I understand that there will be a reimbursement coming my way. All the best, Gerhardt