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I have a MacBookPro with OS Sierra. 16 GB is installed on

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I have a MacBookPro with OS Sierra. 16 GB is installed on HD. 446.61 GB is available on my 500 GB SATA Disk. QUESTIONS: 1 - If I'm emailed a We Transfer Folder of 7 GB will that take 7GB memory from the 16 GB installed on my HD or will it take memory from the 446.61 GB available on my SATA disk? 2 - Will a 7GB We Transfer folder take away storage remaining on my earthlink webmail?

Hi! I am Justin. Let me take a chance to look over your question. If you have any additional details please type it in and hit the reply to expert button.

It will take it from the 446.61 GB of storage. The 16 GB's are RAM which is not storage.

​I doubt you will be able to send 7 GB's though. Unless you are going iCloud to iCloud.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I was told that a We Transfer file just needs to be downloaded. QUESTIONS: Are you saying a 7GB We Transfer file cannot be emailed? 2 - If it is emailed - will it eat up 7 GB of storage on my earthlink webmail or does a We Transfer file not eat up storage on my webmail account?
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
ALSO just to be clear is the SATA disk for for storage so any MB or GBs from downloads are taken from the SATA and NOT the 16 GB memory on the 16 GB HD?

Yes it would not work well through email.

On EarthLink yes it will eat up the storage there.

​I would suggest using iCloud to iCloud or another file sharing company.

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