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I have used on line dating and met some incredible people. I

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I have used on line dating and met some incredible people. I have also encountered one who broke into my computer before I knew what was happening.How can I be invisible on line? I'd like to use a clandestine web site email service that does not use my computer ip address. I've read about the web site TOR but would like to hear from someone who is tech savvy.

Hello! My name is*****
I am a certified computer professional who will assist you.

In order to surf the Internet anonymously without revealing your IP address, you can use either the Tor web browser or a VPN program. Both methods will hide your own IP (it will display some random server's IP).

Tor is available for all operating systems. If you are using a Mac computer, you can download it on this link:

Note that with Tor you will need to use the Tor web browser instead of the current web browser you've been using so far.

However, if you install a VPN program instead, for example a free Hotspot Shield, you can continue to use your current web browser, for example Safari. Here is the download link for Hotspot Shield:

Remember that when chatting with strangers, never download and install programs you don't recognize, since you could be installing a program that will allow remote access to your computer. If you willingly install such a program, neither Tor nor VPN program will protect you.

For any questions, let me know.


IT Miro

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
basically Hot Spot Shield does the same thing as TOR. I want to be able to create some new email addresses... to help me remain anonymous... is TOR better then Hot Spot in helping me that way?Honestly, I appreciate you giving me the options... at the same time, tell me what you would do with email addresses and which option you would use. Were you in my shoes, exactly what would you do?THANKS!!!

Hello again! Sorry for the delay in response.

If you only plan to use a web browser and visit various web pages, Tor and a VPN program such as Hotspot Shield will work almost the same. The main difference between Tor and a VPN program such as Hotspot Shield is that Tor only protects web browsing and VPN protects all programs on the computer. To explain this better, let's say you use a web browser for surfing and a file download program to download files from the Internet, for example Torrent.

With Tor, you get a special pre-configured web browser you need to use in order for your computer to be anonymous when surfing the Internet. That means the usual web browser, such as Safari, won't work. Also, when you start Torrent to download files, it won't go through Tor, so you won't be anonymous.

With a VPN program, such as Hotspot Shield, you can use any web browser for surfing the Internet since it doesn't just modify the settings in a web browser, but it modifies your computer network settings. It means all the communication coming from your computer, no matter if you use a web browser or a file download program, will go through a secure VPN server which provides both security and anonymity.

So, as you can see, VPN is far more advanced than Tor; however, it all depends on what you plan to do.

Note that Tor is free to use and VPN is usually not. Hotspot Shield is among a few VPN programs that are free to use, but you may occasionally see ads. Also, a free version will only connect to a USA VPN server. If you want to connect to other country's VPN servers (and therefore get their IP address instead of the USA one), you will need to upgrade to Hotspot Shield Elite.

See the prices for the Elite version here:

Regarding the e-mail address:

If I were you, I wouldn't use my private e-mail address with strangers or when registering to some new chat web sites. Go ahead and create a new e-mail address that you will be using only for that purpose, for example a new GMail address. For added security, only access that new e-mail address when using Tor or VPN, and access your private e-mail address using a standard connection.

I hope this helps! You can try with both Tor and VPN (Hotspot Shield) and see which one is easier and better for you.

For further questions, I am here to assist you.

Best regards,

IT Miro

Hello again!

I am following up with you to see if you require further assistance. Let me know by sending me a reply below.

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IT Miro


Let me know if you were able to receive my messages.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My apologies... my eldest brother passed recently and I am taking care of some family business. Just a couple of follow up stuff I'll get to either tonight or tomorrow. Sorry about the delay. Thanks for your patience.

Oh, I just thought you maybe didn't receive my messages. My condolences on the passing of your brother.

Take your time and when you are free again, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


IT Miro

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hang on brother... storm knocked power out around here... should be good to go later tonight... library closing so I'm heading home... hope the power is back... just one quick follow up question

No problem. We can continue whenever you are available again.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
I am so sorry brother... please understand I am not forgetting about you. Tough week... had a break in and my car stolen so hang on. I am going to get back on this tonight... I have some follow up questions but need to get my notes together.My apologies this is taking so long... and that you are not getting paid. I promise you will get 5 stars!

OK, I understand. That's fine. Don't worry.


IT Miro

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Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Hey brother... at the Apple store right now... getting my backup fixed... just a quick note... yeah my hard drive froze, they just got it unfrozen just now and of course my backup is not working right... they are fixing that now too... I am telling you I am just laughing at the turn of events right now... it's just crazy... it must mean that I am due for a streak when EVERYTHING goes right... when they get this done I will be working out of home tomorrow with either this laptop or a borrowed one... I am so far behind on everything... so watch for my contact tomorrow... and we recovered my car in an impound lot... damaged but in one piece
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Oh quickly... my follow up stuff I want to run by you... can I follow up with you if I rate you so you get paid? Do I just write to you here again and will YOU come back? Or can I get you again later? How does that work? So sorry this has taken so long for you to get paid... let me know how I can help with that

Hello again!

I am very sorry for the issues you are experiencing. It seems you've out of luck lately. Hopefully, that will change soon! :)

As far as following up with me goes, yes, you can go to this page anytime later for the follow-up questions after providing a rating.

Also, if you are a JustAnswer subscriber (member), you can ask as many questions as you need without additional cost. To request me directly for your new questions, you can write a question (problem description) in my JustAnswer profile. Here is a link to it:

The question will go directly to me and I will reply to you as soon as possible.


IT Miro

IT Miro and 4 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you