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Isaac Franklin
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How do I take group from Address Book in my Mac book to a

Customer Question

How do I take group from Address Book in my Mac book to a group in my verizon email? Can you help? Verizon said I needed to talk to an apple expert.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Isaac Franklin replied 9 months ago.

Hello. My name is***** to JustAnswer. I'm reviewing your question now, and will post back with your reply momentarily.

Expert:  Isaac Franklin replied 9 months ago.

You have to export your address book/contacts in your mac email (if you are using mac email client on your macbook)

You can do that by following this guide:

  1. In order to export contacts from Mac Mail, your contacts must also be saved in your Contacts/Address Book app. If you do not have any contacts saved there, then try logging into the the web portal for your email account and exporting contacts from there.
  2. Open your Contacts/Address Book app.
  3. To Select All - click on the first contact, scroll to the bottom of the window, hold down Shift key and click on the last contact.

    To Select Particular Contacts - click on the first contact you want to add, scroll to the next contact you would like to add, hold down Command (or the Apple icon on older keyboards) and click on the next contact. Continue this step until all of the emails you want to add are selected.
  4. From the Menu bar go to File > Export > Export vCard.
  5. Enter a name for the file, select a location to export it to, and then click Save.
  6. To save that vCard as .csv, use this tool. Make sure to select Gmail (CSV) and leave the other settings as is.
  7. Click convert, and the site will automatically download the CSV file to your Downloads folder.

Then you have to open your verizon mail and import the contacts. You can follow the article below to do this:

Let me know if you get stuck or need more information. I had very little to go on as you have not viewed

the response to communicate yet.

If you are satisfied with the help I have provided, please remember to click and submit a 5 star rating on this page. Your feedback is important as it is the only way I am credited for assisting you. Thank you.

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