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I cannot import old video tapes into iMovie. JA: Sometimes

Customer Question

Hi. I cannot import old video tapes into iMovie.
JA: Sometimes things that you think will be really complicated end up being easy to fix. The Mac Technician I'm going to connect you with knows all the tricks and shortcuts. Tell me a bit more about what's going on so he can help you best.
Customer: It is an old Sony camcorder with 8mm video tapes. It has a DV out, which I have connected via firewire through a Thunderbolt converter to my mac
JA: Anything else I can tell the Mac Technician before I connect you two?
Customer: In iMovie, I import. I can see the camera, the preview window shows the video.
JA: I'm sending you to a secure page on JustAnswer so you can place the $5 fully refundable deposit now. While you're filling out that form, I'll tell the Mac Technician about your situation and connect you two.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mac
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sony Digital8 Handycam. Used to be able to import directly into iMovie. When I updated to Yosemite with iMovie 10, the import doesn't work correctly. iMovie recognizes the camera (by the correct model number), I can click "Import" and the tape starts playing and the preview window in iMovie shows the video. however, there is a warning in the corner of the preview window that says "no data from device" even though I can clearly see the video playing in the window.
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.
Hi there,
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
You indicated that you need more details, but all you said was "Hi there,". So I am not sure what to write here. My Sony Handicam is connected to my Mac Pro via a Firewire cable with a converter (dongle) to Thunderbolt. I know the connection is fine, since iMovie10 does indeed show the video (with motion and sound) in the Import window. As mentioned previously, the whole tape seems to play/import. But when it finishes the Event is empty.
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for replying back to me.You were offline when I responded earlier.To resolve this, first try trashing the iMovie references file:go to iMovie/Preferences and note your current preferences so you can easily re-enter them later.To trash your preferences, close iMovie.Then open the Finder.Press CMD + SHIFT + G or, if you prefer, 'Go > Go to Folder' in the top menu.Type: ~/Library/Preferences/ (Note: The Tilde ~ is on the uppercase position on the key to the left of the number 1 on your keyboard)Press GoDrag the file and/or the file to the trash.Next, empty the trash.If you trashed the com.Apple.iApps.plist, then open iTunes, iPhoto, and Aperture so they are pointing at the library you wish to use in iMovie. (You can then close them.)Finally, restart iMovie.Remenber to go to iMovie/Preferences and re-enter your preferences. Be sure to enable the Advanced Tools. Let me know if that helps?
Expert:  Pete replied 1 year ago.
Hi, just checking in on your question. How did things work out for you?