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Experience:  Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), 9+ Years of Experience in troubleshooting Macs, iPhone, iPad, iPod etc
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I have a Mac OSX version 10.9.5. I cannot remember when I

Customer Question

I have a Mac OSX version 10.9.5. I cannot remember when I purchased it, but have had it for a few years. It is now beginning to give me trouble: The Safari page opens in such a way that I cannot close the program - the red dot in the upper left of the screen cannot be accessed. Periodically, the machine will freeze and a rainbow colored circle will appear for a little less than a minute before allowing me to continue.
What is your counsel? Do I need a new machine? If not, do you have tech support that comes to my home? (My area code - 46268) Is it cheaper to buy a new mac than have tech support come to me?
Also, can you recommend the best voice recognition program on the market for users such as I?
Thank you for your kind help,
Walter A. Henrichsen
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Ashik replied 2 years ago.

Hi and Welcome. My Name is ***** ***** I look forward to assisting you today with your question.

This is JustAnswer, a paid support site. I can give you instructions in here to fix the problem. We don't have tech support that provide in home service. We provide online service.

You don't need a new machine. It sound like either the system files are corrupted or your hard drive is failing. If this is the hard drive, then it would cost up to $150 to replace it (you have to take your Mac to the Apple Store to get it replaced). You don't need to buy a new Mac as it would cost more than $1000

Now we can do some troubleshooting steps and see if it works or not. First we can run Disk Utility and see if it works or not. Turn off your Mac by holding down Power button for 10 seconds. Then turn it back on and immediately hold down Command and R keys at same time for 20 seconds and this will boot your Mac to the Mac OS X Utilities screen. From there, click Disk Utility. Select your hard disk at left column (Macintosh HD or hard disk name). Then click Verify Disk (under First Aid). If asked to repair, click Repair Disk. Then click Repair Permission.

Then restart from Apple menu. If that didn't work, then turn it off. Turn it back on and immediately hold down Command, Option, P and R keys at the same time for 5 seconds, then release the keys and let it boot.

If it opens Safari in full screen, then press Command, Control and F at same time and this will revert it to showing the red dot. Please let me know if that didn't work, so we can continue troubleshooting.

Re Speech recognition program, the best program out there is Dragon for Mac. See here -->