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I'm pairing a mac mini and an apple cinema display but the

Customer Question

i'm pairing a mac mini and an apple cinema display but the display won't power up. i installed the display with a DVI to mini port adapter but no power showing at display. do i need an additional power supply for the display? there's only one cable emitting from the rear of the display with various connectors but no 110v style plug. please help.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  David replied 2 years ago.

The larger 30" displays needed a certain power level capable Mac when they were first introduced, but anything newer should be OK.
Have you tested it with anything, PC or anything that has a port that would work?

Expert:  David replied 2 years ago.

Hello, yes there reason it doesn't get power is because you are without a power cable.

Expert:  David replied 2 years ago.

A kettle lead will do, but it should have had a correct cable in the box. Have you checked back there, or where ever it came from, to see if the power cable is still there?

Expert:  David replied 2 years ago.

I'm sorry I didn't see you mention you didn't have the power lead, and yes HDMI from the Mac mini will not power the display.

What is the serial number of the display? You can use that, for identification purposes.

Find out what it is by following along with this article:
Check the information about the display by entering that serial number at this link:

The correct power adapter can be purchase from Apple if you cannot locate the original.

Here's a link with more information on identifying if you have the correct power adapter:

Here's a link to the store to find the correct power adapter for the display once you have identified the model:

If you have any problem identifying the model, or finding the correct power adapter please let me know.

Kind regards,