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Johnny  Mack
Johnny Mack, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  6 years repairing macs and ipods and 3rd level tech support
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I wrote earlier but had to get off before I got my answer so

Customer Question

I wrote earlier but had to get off before I got my answer so am trying again. I am trying to install adobe photoshop elements 13 for a macbook pro from dvd. I am trying to install it on an external hard drive but attempted both the external and macbook without success. Both meet all requirements. When i put the disk in it came up on screen when I clicked I got the install options. when I click install I get initializing installer message and the spinning wheel. It does that for a couple minutes and stops and does nothing else. I have tried with external drives on separately, I've tried starting everything started together, applecare twice nothing has helped. I tested the dvd drive, it works. This is the second disk I have tried with same results.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Johnny Mack replied 2 years ago.

Hello there! It sounds like there is a previous adobe installer or configuration file that is giving you issues when install elements 13. Follow the steps below to fix this issue or accept the additional service option so I can remotely connect and do this for you :)

  1. open Finder and, from the menu bar, select Go then hold the option key .Once you hold down the option key you will see a icon named library.
  2. Click library then Open Preferences ( a folder inside the library folder) and drag com.adobe.plist (move any file with the name adobe ) to the trash.
  3. Then go back to library and look for application support. Open the adobe folder that is in here. Look for photos elements and move the folder to the desktop ( if there is not elements folder then move the adobe folder to the desktop
  4. Click Ctrl and the trash icon, and select Empty Trash.
  5. Restart your mac.
  6. Try install again.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It did what it has been doing all along.
Expert:  Johnny Mack replied 2 years ago.

Ok lets try 2 more things. if that doesnt work then i will need to remotely connect to figure out what is going on .

CLick apple icon

select system preferences

select users (or accounts in earlier versions)

then Click the plus icon ( underneath the list of users)

and select to make a admin user

you can use whatever name you like as long as it is not the same as your current user

then click ok

select the apple icon and select sign out

and sign in to the new account

is it the same?

if so

Turn off your mac then hold the shift key. Turn on your mac continuing to hold the shift key for no less the 2 minutes.

then try to install.


1. turn off mac
2. Locate CMD and R keys
3. Turn on mac holding the keys from step 2
4. You will see a bar fill once this happens let go of the keys. A menu will pop up and there you will see Disk utility.use disk utility to repair hard drive by clicking verify disk. Then reset.

5. Once its done resetting we can attempt to reinstall the osx